Proton Inspira, the 'EVIL' brother of Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0

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I rarely post about cars but this time Proton once again attracted me to say something after the releasing of the new Proton Saga about 2 years ago. The Proton Saga was a success and managed to compete well with Perodua Myvi and Perodua Viva. So what about this new car?

Proton Waja replacement, the Proton Inspira.

"Let me out! I wanna own that Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 with my Lotus ride & handling!" XD

Soft launch on the October 14, 2010 (someone's birthday!)
I told this to one of my colleague and he's really convinced that his relative will buy this car. His relative didn't even know this car existed or not yet! :D

Price starts from RM79,888 OTR for the 1.8 manual up to not more than RM95k for the top of the line. The 1.8 CVT will be somewhere in the middle. The official pricing will be unveiled at the official launch by the 10th of November 2010.

Some said, they rather go for the Honda City and some said Toyota Vios is more fuel efficient, lower cc but practical to drive in the city area especially the heavy traffic in KL.
Whatever it is, I would like to get a test drive or do a review on this car.
Check out the sneak peek video by TV3 regarding the Proton Inspira a month ago! :)

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I always like to end my post with a question and this one is not an exception.
Wonder101: Will you be an idiot to throw in RM1000 for the booking fees without even look through the whole car and experience the test drive? Your say? :)

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