My Coffee with Nuffies Experience

(I'm sorry in Japanese)

I know I shouldn't have posted this entry up since it's a very outdated post but I really did not have choice but to clear all my pending post folders in my desktop. This was happening 2 months ago, I'm just gonna briefly tell you all what's my experience about below...

When ar? 24 September 2010 (Friday)
*they play Guitar Hero on every Friday!
Time leh? 4pm – 5pm and we left at 5pm plus...
Where else? Nuffnang KL office lo...

The people who are involved...

 Xinxian, the Blogger Relations for Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Steven, my partner in crime... hehehe~

Liki Chee the evil ex-gf... NOT!

Chearmster, the artistic man! >..<

I totally forgot to snap a candid photo of Rachel, maybe I was too mesmerized with her beauty on that day. ROFL! :P

Before we settled down, Xinxian and Rachel from the Media Sales team introduce us to everyone in the office. Department by department. The office is not that big but it is not that small either, maybe because the number of people who are working there makes the office looks smaller but a few of the are not in because they are out to meet the clients. The whole office is somehow painted in orange, well creative people normally spice up their interior rather than just painting it dull white. Anyway, the four of us had plain water instead of really coffee which means we are having 'Plain Water with Nuffies'. We introduce ourselves to them and then we exchange a few questions and answers about what are we currently doing and then a few questions related to the how bloggers actually earn money through CPC, buffered earnings and etc. We also had a sneak peek of what's Nuffnang gonna bring out for the upcoming events and other stuff like the GPlus member thingy which has already started last month. I am not a GPlus member yet, if I did really go for the meeting, I might not sustain as one since I am too tight up with my work.

After the conversations, each of us are given some papers and magic colors to post up our footprints.

This is Munkey Lee (my new nickname, LOL) acting serious while Liki snapped a picture of me.

Leaving my footprint side by side to Liki's.

Steven's footprint... 
The one at the below look kinda unique but... there goes the whole deck of cards. Hahaha...

Chearmster's footprint right beside the Nuffnangers picture during Gatsby Fair, the largest blogger gathering in Malaysia (during that time la...)

Spotted Baboon's footprint, he put a lot of efforts in his... nice one!

We found Jayleo's too... eh I mean Jimmy, maybe it's Ching Yih... eh whatever la~ =.=

The footprints board that you won't miss in the office!

My evil ex-gf (not) requested for a solo pic with the footprints board... ROFL~

Group photo before the Nuffnangers leave and the Nuffies continue to tweetjack each other! >..<

Nice chatting with the very-experienced-Xinxian and the lovely Rachel.
Hope to see you guys again.

-Peace Out-