My Magical Journey

Hi all!

Today I'm gonna tell you guys a story. It's about...

(big enough for you to read it? hahaha...)

Once upon a time, there was a handsome man named Henry Lee (which is me... lol!). He has trained for years to prepare for his journey to the Dark Island. The Dark Island is an island in the Eastern Sea (interesting difference in British/American versions), it is said that one's dreams could come true on this island. According to Lord Rhoop though that this island doesn't make day dreams come true but REAL dreams that make one afraid to ever sleep again (i.e. nightmares).

In order to reach that place, he and three of his slaves have to fight against many evil creatures and spirits. So let me introduce to you all the three slaves. They have one thing in common which is, all their names started with David... hahaha...

Slave #1
David Copperfield
He has the power to make the whole team disappear and can fly whenever the team want.

Slave #2
 David Blaine
He is a good killer, why? Have you watched Gambit in the Wolverine movie?
Plus he can scares away the opponent by digging out his own heart... awesome huh?

Slave #3
 David Guetta
He is no warrior but the team is bringing him along just in case there's a club in Dark Island.
This fella got a magical power to make all the chicks shake their hips! XD

So what's the climax of the story?
Do catch The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader for the rest of the stories!
Kidding! >..<

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-Peace Out-