7aste New York is Coming to Town!

7aste is back and it's gonna be a New York celebration this time! This is all gonna be happening at Hex & Mayfair, Damansara Perdana on the 17th Dec 2010 which is tonight! Have you got your passes? If not, you can register at www.7aste.com without any charges! :)

For those who have attended the previous 7aste event, you are already in the guest list. So you just need to log into the website or just attend this 7aste New York. 
REMEMBER to along your identification card.

Here's some photos from the previous 7aste Monte Carlo event...

Look at the crowd! It is just 9pm and it's already packed with party people!

My gang for the day... thanks to Shannon for including me in the VIP guest list. 
Arigato gozaimasu!

Drink, drank... drunk! >..<

We camwhored... good to have long hands + wide angle! XD

This guy, Edwin was molested! Kidding, he was actually standing at the very wrong place when the other table was taking photo. That girl actually thought it was her friend's arm... so yeah~

Hopefully everyone will go back home safely this time and no activity 'pecah gelas' happening again.
Say hi to me if you see the munkey face of me at the 7aste New York.

Have a good weekend people!

.: Peace Out :.