Five More Days till Christmas...

A few days ago, I found out that my phone have one missed call from an unknown number. The time shows that the missed call was received when I was asleep during midnight. I didn't bother to call back because if the call was important, that person might call me back plus I was rushing to work in the morning. Then it was before my lunch break I received that call again. A girl's voice was on the phone and I believe that she's not local assuming the English accent that she's speaking. So I was kind enough to answered politely although I was busy working. I hardly understand what she was saying on the phone and I wasn't able to catch her name though she had tell me her name twice, it was a pretty long name and it sounded like a name from the middle east or something. 

Cut to the point, she was actually one of the contestants from Miss KBU which I went for a few months back. I shall not reveal her name here. She asked me whether I am the owner of this blog who posted her photos in one of my blog entry and I said yes. She then requested me to delete all her photos due to reasons that her parents back at her hometown don't really like it and blah blah blah... It was actually hilarious at that moment so I asked her why did she even bother to join the contest. She said it was her mistake for doing so. I might sound a little grumpy at that time because I did not have any intentions to delete any photos from my blog entry but I did it right after I hung up the phone. That was during my working hour and I was busy. Take note that I dislike people to call me when it is not urgent or not related to my work at all.

The story doesn't ends there. I was working till late at night and I didn't even get to have my dinner. So I went to the mamak place near my residential area for a quick dinner before going home. As I was munching on my fried instant noodle delightfully, the same number called me again. This time a man's voice was on the phone instead of the girl who called me earlier. I believe the man was her friend and he was asking me why I have not deleted the photos as I have promised. My mouth was still chewing on my dinner and swallowed all the unfinished chewed food inside my mouth. He was kinda rude and was trying to challenge me saying that he was looking at the photos in my blog using his laptop. I said what? He did clarified that the photos are still up so I told him that I would call him back since neither my iPhone or laptop was with me at that particular moment. So I quickly rush back home after my dinner just to make sure that the photos have already been deleted or not. So yeah, It was already deleted from the blog post... yes, two blog post! Not just one ok? I didn't call back, it will be a waste of money arguing it. If this really matters to them, they will be the one who call me.

Anyway, my conclusion is... Why on earth people like her even wanted to participate in the contest at first? Can you even restrict all the photographers during that contest from taking photos of you? If that's a mistake, then has been a really stupid mistake. Next time, ask your parents for permission before joining any pageant or beauty contest and to avoid yourself pulling anything silly mistakes out of yourself. This is for your own good!

You might have noticed that my blog post title is saying, "Five More Days till Christmas..." Well this year's Christmas actually has no meaning for me. Why? I am working on that day and there shall no be a replacement off day for me. Last week, I have gone through my work schedule for this week and it's a very busy week for me. Who said that end of the year there will be lesser jobs and projects. That is not true in my work line. As an assistant, I have no choice but to assist my boss no matter when or what. I can't request not to work on Saturday & Sunday. It's not an option for me either to work or not to work overtime. It's fixed. It's a responsibility. There's thing I need to learn and improve more. I know what I earn now might not giving me a wealthy life in a short period. My boss was just trying to calm his employee by saying that statement. Maybe not now, maybe in future. As long as I still love what I am doing, I don't mind.

I just feel like this life is so unfair. There are many people who doesn't appreciate their life, wealthiness and even when they got a degree thanks to their supportive parents. They just don't care about the feelings of their family and friends. Ending their short life by committing suicide. Don't they even realize there are thousand of people who suffered from disease and praying so hard that the God that they believed in will spare them a life or even just a few hours to spend it with their love ones. For me who is born and raised by lowly educational and poor parents, I have to tackle all the hardship to be who I am right now, still I am contributing back to my parents which is the best thing to do although it was really difficult at first. All that is done by stopping myself from buying new gadgets, camera and even clothes. I can only envy what other people are having. At the end of the day, that is how love should be, by putting other people first before yourself. Overall, this year has been pretty tough for me. Hopefully next year will be a better year and I will be looking forward for new challenges! Twelve more days to go...

Till then, have a blessed Christmas.

.: Peace Out :.