Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '10

Hi guys!

Today is Friday the 3rd December 2010 which indicates the 1st day of the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '10 which will be held from today onward till 12th of December.

The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show '10 has started and now it's gonna be bigger since last year's was canceled and postponed which has already been announced by MAA last year. So the all the time that we have waiting for has almost arrived. KLIMS10′s motto will be “We CARE”, and CARE is supposed to stand for Commitment, Advancement, Reliability and Environment. The KLIMS organising committee says the show will take up 30,000 square meters of space at the PWTC and expects to attract over 200 exhibitors and over 330,000 visitors.

The day before, yes it was yesterday... I attended the media session.
There's a few new cars was launch and also the visitations from the ministers & VVIP since there will be a lot of people coming in from the public so I guess the media session was actually the best time for the media & press people to get a very good shots of the vehicles that are displayed.

My ticket for KLIMS'10!
(crappy picture taken with my 'lau-yah iPhone')

Here are a few things that you must not miss when you are at the KLIMS'10.

Firstly, the very attractive prizes for the lucky draw (as you can see on my ticket) where there will be one lucky visitor to win a Toyota Prius as the grand prize and two Proton Saga as the consolation prizes. Pretty awesome huh?

There will be daily prizes and special lucky draw prizes to be given away for the Online Ticket Purchases as well. For more info, you guys should log on to http://www.klims10.com/ as I have no intention to copy paste the whole T&C thingy into this blog entry.

As advertised in the newspapers and banners/billboard which you can see around KL area, the very huge Bumblebee from the movie Transformers. I think it was like one and a half storey high? Might be the exact scale I think.

The Batmobile from the movie Dark Knight which is Batman la...

Oh, before I forget... do snap a picture with the human-sized Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as well! :)

 Correct me if I'm wrong, Proton has the biggest exhibition area in this year's KLIMS whereby there's a lot EV vehicle cars displayed. Malaysia boleh! Proton boleh! Although their car design suck big time.

 Perodua Bezza, a futuristic car or known as the concept car. This car's design is kinda sleeky and nice looking compared to many cars displayed. Go Go Perodua! :)

 From small to big sized luxury cars.
 Hot cars and million dollar cars from the Naza World.

 Hot girls as well! I know guys would like this...

 Or perhaps a girl with innocent and cute face? Which one do you guys prefer?

 I personally like the set up of Nissan, they launched a few new cars so it's up to you to go there and check it out!

Come and say hi to me ya, I'll be around the Isuzu booth.
(I can intro some show girls to you... LOL!)

That's all the sneak peek for the day.
I personally think that they chose the wrong location for the motor show and I do really prefer if they held the motor show at KL Convention Centre instead. I can't comment much since this is my first time attending the KLIMS. Overall, there's many things are ahead for you to discover... so you need to walk a lot in PWTC but they do provide foot massages for those who have sore legs. That's all for now.

See you guys at KLIMS'10! :)

-Peace Out-