Ocean Potion® for me!

Hi all!

If you have followed or keep track of my blog since early last year, I am sure most of you might know during that period I was trying out my career in Singapore. No doubt, Singapore was really a 'fine' city to me and the people there are seriously workaholics and lots of the working people there suffered from the work stress. As for me, living and working in Singapore has been a very good time for me to experience a different lifestyle and culture there. As a result, my skin was really tanned (I got sunburn) as you can see in the picture below.

No need to ask, I am the one on the left side la...

Yes, yes... this was me last year. I was tall, dark and handsome. Now you know why I mentioned that in my blogger profile. Seriously, I have been exposed to the sun when it first rises in the morning till it set. It was a nightmare for most of us who are working 7 days a week in order to rush our project at Tuas, Singapore. The money is good but it was the hardship and sacrifice that I have to pay in return. For instant, it's just like you are having a million dollar in this world but you can't use the money to heal your illness. There's no ending in chasing wealth, fame or award in life if you have to sacrifice your quality time with family and health in order to become a work slave.

My skin turned dark in just a few weeks time and a friend recommended me to try Banana Boat®.

Picture taken during my Pulau Sapi trip back in the year 2008.

Not that banana boat! 
Sweat! =.="

This one, the Banana Boat sunscreen lotion!
 I used it for 2 weeks, applying it daily before I exposed to the sun but it didn't help much, maybe just a bit. Most of the time when I was working, I sweat a lot so very soon the lotion easily drained out by my sweat or dry out due to the extra heat temperature at Tuas area. So a friend from KL whom I know in Sabah came to visit me one day, she had a big shock when saw me in Singapore.

Dark man and fair lady at Clarke Quay.

Then she posted the picture in Facebook and I received a lot of 'good' comments... ha ha ha!

*All comments were never meant to be racist. It is just for laugh purposes. Say no to racist! Thank you*

So here I am, in KL... I have left Singapore for more than a year.
I didn't felt regret or sad, life is very short as the Cantonese saying;  
"Yan Sang Yao Gei Duo Sap Lin?" which means in our, life we have not many 10 years to live in. Average maybe just 7 or 8 times of 10 years perhaps?
So we shall cherish and live our life to the fullest!
This is me, somewhere around May this year. I am no longer a dark chocolate cake now.
After that experience, I promised myself that I will take good care of my skin from now on.
Btw. I miss my hair! :(

There's this one USA product called the Ocean Potion®. I found out that the product have a line up of a different range of sunscreen products and I was attracted to a few of them such as;

The Dab-On easy, just like the deodorant you apply on your armpit... lol!

 This one as well...
Anti-aging? I will look younger applying this? Lol...

That is why If possible, I would want to win the Ocean Potion products to prevent myself from getting sunburn again when I am doing work outside or any outdoor activities.

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