PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010


I always felt that I wanted to get so many things, I am not a materialistic person but somehow there are demands of things that has been revolving in my head over and over again. The whole year of 2010 has not been really good to me and I really didn't wanna wrap the year without a smile on my face so I decided to get something from the PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010.

Oh and by the way, I only buy things that I need. Rarely getting something which i don't need.
Girls are different, yes they buy cheap things but to think about it... As an example, how many times in a month will they wear the same shirt or pants? I only got 2 pair of jeans which rotates from me to utilize it. Even if the pants cost like RM200 a pair (I really meant 'if') but it's still worth it.

So what did I manage to get?

Sensonic USB Compact Slim Keyboard U20 (RM45)
It is silent, sensitive, responsive typing feel... it's for my malfunction MacBook keyboard.
The one u seen at my blog header. Sigh... T.T

Tiny Tech MP3 FM Modulator w/ remote control (RM18)
Finally I can stick my thumb drive in it and have a good entertainment inside my car besides the crappy radio transmission.

A4 Tech x4 High Speed 4000 FPS Optical Mouse (RM10)
I paid 10 bucks but it performs better than its cost!

What I didn't get?
A GPS, Garmin or Papago? Still thinking.
A new MacBook Pro or iMac... waiting for a bag of money to fall from the sky >..<

For men-readers, it is time for you to wash your eyes.



Jane, this was the 4th time seeing her in events this year :)


Christmas is coming! iPad for me? hahaha... :D




Lenovo girls~

Some girls from the online game section...





My pictures are featured in her blog too, go check it out!


ZyXEL girl... Wireless USB adapter for RM29? Good deal wootz!

I received a few question from my readers & a few friends asking me why do I like to take girls photo at event or fair? I can only tell you that sometime it is part of my job, my client paid me to shoot so I can't say no, right? Other than that, I really feel like taking their photos. Why? Because I started off seriously with photography 2 years ago shooting models and showgirls. Why should I stop doing things that I enjoy? Besides, I personally know a few of them. They are my friends.


"So what you think?
Don't end this year with regrets and dissapointment.
There is always a brighter day ahead," says the green-unidentified-vege-mascot!

Till then...

:: Peace Out ::