12-Inches Tall Monster Burger at Cravings Kitchen & Bistro

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Have you tried or heard about the Monster Burger at Cravings Kitchen & Bistro? For those who have not heard it, yes it is the 12-inches tall Monster Burger and I got a 50% off deal from GroupsMore.

The deal which I got last year but due to they have moved to a new location at Tesco Cheras, they have extended 1 more month for the expiration date.

The menu book.

Seems like after they have moved to the new location, the nice ambiance at the Sunway Giza outlet did not sustain here. It seems like a normal food cafe with lots of customer who came in before or after shopping at Tesco. Most of them wore shorts as I have observed.

My drink, Mocha with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. This was good! :)
Tadaa! It's me with the Monster Burger. At first the staff asked me whether the two of us can actually finish the whole Monster Burger since the portion is for three person and I told him that me alone can actually finish it! Well it does take some time though. :)

The 12-Inches tall Monster Burger which cost about RM25.00 but I bought the offer at RM12.50 only from GroupsMore. It comes with a plate of potato wedges.

The 12-inches tall Monster Burger consist of a layer of beef patty (patties are made by the Chef himself), beef pepperoni, fish fillet, hash browns, chicken ham, chicken patty, cheese (lots of cheese), lettuce, cucumbers, thick tomatoes, two soft buns & not to forger a small juicy tomato at the top too!

My date of the day posing with the Monster Burger

Trying my best to carefully take out the layers of Monster Burger.


 *Burrrpp...! Finally it's over! :)
My conclusion, I think it would be better if they can serve cheese sauce with the wedges?
The hash browns were too salty, the beef & chicken patty were a little too dry and the vege were friggin' too big. Other than that, it was a good challenge to torcher friends. Hahaha...

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 Cravings Kitchen & Bistro
Lot 33, Level G,
Tesco Extra Cheras 2 Jalan Midah 2, Cheras
Tel: 03 91313629
 Wifi: Not Available

*No 'munkey rating' will be given since I have not tried other food in the menu.

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