My First 2011 Sunrise Experience @ Broga Hill, Semenyih

Happy New Year 2011
to all my readers out there.
May you have a blast & better year ahead ya!

How did you celebrate the coming of a new year? As for me, I had a pretty good time welcoming it with a BBQ gathering with blogger and friends then countdown at the Curve (which I will blog about it next) and the most random thing I did is to catch my first 2011 sunrise experience at Broga Hill, Semenyih. Lately, Broga Hill has becomes a famous hiking place for hikers, shutter bugs & scenery lovers. It is located not very far away from the University of Nottingham, at between the university and Semenyih town. 
We started our journey to Broga Hill from Mid Valley Megamall at about 4.40am and we reached the destination at 5.20pm. From what I have remembered through out the journey, we have passed three toll plazas. The first one was at Cheras, we paid 50 cents and the rest of the two tolls were RM1.00 and 90 cents. By using the LEKAS highway, we passed by the Semenyih town and the landmark that anyone won't missed which is the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus. The entrance of Broga Hill is quite obscure and not easily spotted because it did not have any signboard. During the journey, we witnessed our first car accident of 2011. It was indeed terrible. I hope that the car driver and the passenger can survive the accident.

At 5.20am, there were a lot of cars and people there who are at the location hoping to catch their first sunrise too. Anyway, there will be a parking fee of RM2 per entry for car vehicle and if you are lucky, you might be able to escape from paying it

Although everyone was tired and sleeping after the 40+ minutes journey, they were still able to smile and Jayleo was stretching his body.

Everyone seems like they are set and ready to go but we are still waiting for a member to reach the destination.

Finally, about 5.40am we are off to conquer the peak of Broga Hill. Inilah Barisan Kita... :)

Up, up, up...

...and so the first peak was conquered at about 6.15am. There was no sign of the sun will be rising any sooner as the weather report friend of us has informed us that the sun will rise at a estimate time of 7.15am.

The overview of the first peak, it was crowded and seems like some of them are having a good rest.
After a short break, we continued our journey to the second peak.

The so call 'conned second peak,' this was the spot that we thought was the second peak but sadly, it wasn't. Actually it was kinda fun to hike up the second peak since though the path was a bit slant but there's no obstacles such as holes or rocks.

The second peak, we did not proceed to the third peak because we were afraid that we might missed the sunrise half way through the third peak and so we had a long rest there waiting for the sunrise.

The 'emo' Tony and the night scenery from the second peak of Broga Hill.

The sky slowly turned blue...
...and then yellowish but no sight of the 'egg yolk' yet...

...then here comes the 'egg yolk' :)

The tiny-ants-people on the third peak.

This was the tiny-ants-people on the first peak, see how crowded it was!

My loyal Dunlop shoe that I purchased at Citymall, Kota Kinabalu a few years ago. Still looking good despite the front shoe mouth kept opening for a few times! *opps... I'm a hairy person! :P

The nuffnangers, so happy to see the sunrise!
Towards the third peak!

We managed to reach the third peak in a short time, maybe because we have the natural light which enable us to move faster and I though climbing up the big rocks might have been slowing us down but it was an easy-pesy job for me!

For myself, there's nothing to be more proud of to witness the beautiful sunrise in Broga Hill on the very first day of 2011. Do share with me about your experience on welcoming the first day of the year in my comment box.
Till then...

.: Peace Out :.