Rooms For Rent Singapore

Although I have stayed in Singapore for more than a year, I have no rooms for rent in Singapore so whichever particular way I hope that I am not misleading my dear blog readers.

Some of you might have known that before I settled in KL, initially a Sabah boy like me was from Singapore. Well, it was a good experience I would said although it's kind of hectic life for me to be working there since I'm involved in engineering and during that time, everywhere in Singapore was doing many developing projects such as the Orchard ION and Marina IR. For people who are not familiar with that place will find it a bit rushing but for people who wanted to start a career there or get a change of environment especially for working Malaysians or PR there. I have some good informations to share here.

By looking at the statistic provided by the Housing & Development Board (HDB), more than 80% of the populations in Singapore is staying in a HDB flat. HDB is actually Singapore's public housing authority and a statutory board under the Ministry of National Development. Well, there's more and more new HDB flat is developing from time to time but is it easy to find a suitable and affordable HDB flat to stay nowadays? The answer might be yes or no. Last time when I was in Singapore, I stumbled upon problems looking for a room and at the same time I was trying to avoid using agents to find a suitable place for me to rent but sadly, I ended up paying off a certain amount of agent fee.

As what I said, I'm here to share good informations and not sprinkle you with cold water like the Merlion above. I have found a good website where users like us can easily check out available rooms for rent in Singapore. The names of places are arranged alphabetically and I found it is quite user friendly for people who wanted to post an ads regarding rooms for rent. The website is called CariBilik Singapore and I would wish that I can turn back the time and did not wasted SGD225 on the agent fees. It's RM540 lor and with that money I can actually survive for a month with great food in KL. The website is well equipped with bookmarking features, contact owner, you can even get to see the amount of rental and facilities that are provided.

Anyway, it's too late for me but not for you yet. So if you found a good deal, you can direct contact the owner of the place by just login into the website. Register only takes a minute or so. Before I end this post, I would like to share a funny video with all of you. Enjoy!

For more information about rooms for rent in Singapore, just log on to CariBilik Singapore.

.: Peace Out :.