Temptations: 7atenine @ The Ascott, Kuala Lumpur

A few months back which was on the 27th October 2010 to be exact (that's approximately about 3 months back, time passes really fast!), I managed to get an invite for this event from Audrey. So I am here to say that I am very grateful to her and of course Encore for organizing this event. Anyway, I never thought that I will get a pair of invitation because it wasn't mentioned and I was rushing off to KL after work thinking that I'm going to be all alone through out the event.

After I registered my name at the counter and received my drink vouchers, I walked into the venue and surprisingly I found a couple of friends. It was unbelievable. I have friends! LOL... I was just exaggerating, I knew they would come as we have communicate through Twitter.

Without wasting any of my time lingering around, I cleverly asked Jfook which one is the best drink to order. He told me that there's four kinds of drinks/dessert to be choose and he recommend me the One Night Stand and Speak Peachy. I entrusted my order to the staff after hearing his recommendation and I was never regret for doing so. Actually I tried a few of them before putting my order with my drink voucher. So I guess that's the wise thing to do.

Jack of Hearts - Specially frozen cubes of solidified raspberry, Amaretto, port and Jack Daniel's, crusted with almond flakes and served on skewers. Luckily I didn't order this. Harden pudding with alcohol content and it taste damn weird.

Speak Peachy - A helping of fresh white peach and pear liqueur, complimented by a dash of citrus and rounded off with Filandia Vodka. I ordered this! It's nice but too bad the portion is too little to quench my thirst :(

One Night Stand - A sensual bowl of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, doused with Filandia Vodka and fresh strawberry sauce, crowned with flamed strawberry and basil meringue, and climaxed with olive oil. I ordered this too, it has a very smooth texture and the alcohol blend in quite well in it :)

I stole this image from Jfook (credit to you ya, if you see this!) since I forgotten to shoot this, somehow I didn't even realized it at all. Spirit of Passion - An invigorating concoction of watermelon and passion fruits, zested with fresh lemon, a subtle touch of vanilla, and topped off with Pepe Lopez Tequila. This is kind of sour, maybe it's good for quench of thirst and to drink this before a meal to enhance appetite I guess?

We had pizza, since I was rushing there after work so I might need some food to fill up my tummy at least. Turkey Ham Pizza which cost about RM27.90 before tax. Quite good and definitely better than Pizza Hut and I assume the pizza was hand tossed?

We had a short moment free flow of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. Strawberry anyone? :)

Some modern dance, pole dance performance as well as lady DJ on the stage to fill in the event.

Many of us still have no idea what is the event about but the ambience of the place was quite nice and colorful. To kill off time, we went around and take pictures.

A couple dating. Kidding, I bet they didn't realized I took this shot when they was too busy getting shot by a different camera.

At the end, we went back before the event ended and I remember it was before 12am. Going back home without any idea of what's going on but I don't mind to attend the same event again provided there's friends and better entertainment next time.

For more information about 7atenine, do check out http://www.sevenatenine.com/
or The Ascott, KL in this website here.

.: Peace Out :.