Crocs Spring/Summer 2011 Launch @ 1Utama

Hi guys!

I was invited by Feeqsay Network to the Crocs Spring/Summer 2011 Launch at New Wing, 1Utama on the 19th of February. I felt very excited to be able to take part as a media/blogger in a Crocs event for the first time and frankly I have never own a Crocs product before. Well it goes to the same to those non-genuine Crocs which are also in the market, I don't buy them. It feels like wearing a fake Nike Dunk...

Anyway, do view the video I have recorded on that very day...

What do you think about the video?
(opps... i forgot to take away the caption for the 'apek' dance part)

I personally think the games were really good and there's so many funny actions in it and also Wakaka Crew has participated in many dance competition and they had won a few as I know but luck was not really on their side for this one.

The baby-sized crocs with arms and legs!

Hoho... Are you a Crocs fanatic?

They got Dance Dance Revolution too!

The stage... haven't started la... that's why you can't see the crowd.

Ok here's some line-up of their new products.

This is Bowen Espresso Khaki (RM249). I want this!

This is cute too! I want! :D

Hover Lace-Up (RM209). Want something else besides Converse All Star? This is super light I tell you!

Need a tai chi footwear? LOL... Want something simple? You can try the Hover Slip-On (RM209)

The stylo mylo judges for the dance off competition.

The ever funny emcee of the day. He did very well.

Some high school kids participants? Haha... they shown us a funny performance too!

This was a group of 'fake blindy dance' but their performance was totally out of the box and funny. They really deserved to become the 1st runner up winner! :)

Here's the press kit which I was give.
(I can't just anyhow say I wrote this right, guys?)

Petaling Jaya (February 19, 2011) -- For the Spring/Summer 2011 season, Crocs promises to liberate your feet with the new, ultra-lightweight ‘Light on Your Feet’ collection of fashionable unisex sneakers. 

Featuring the innovative hybrid construction, the Crocs ‘Light on Your Feet’ collection comes with either a canvas or leather upper with lace-up eyes to enhance the timeless appeal of casual sneakers. The collection features four exciting models – the unisex Hover Lace-up and Hover Slip-on, the retro-inspired Bowen for men and the Crocband Sneakids for children. 

Each model offers a classic design and unique construction for unbelievably light weight (one average men’s size shoe weighs about 200 grams!), maximum comfort and flexibility with the Hover Slip-on offering the additional benefit of slip-on-and-go convenience. 

The footbed is a simple, one-piece injection molded Croslitetm material and is more compact than any sneaker in the market. It also offers optimum cushioning despite being extremely lightweight. The design also does away with the traditional lasting board for extra flexibility and can easily be packed for travel. The Hover Lace- up and Slip-on come in a variety of bright colors to match any style. 

To celebrate the launch, Crocs organized the first-ever ‘Crocs Light on Your Feet Dance-off’ featuring 10 of the most popular street dance crews in Malaysia. They included Wakaka Crew (2010 8TV Showdown winner), Giler Battle Crew (2010 8TV Showdown first runners-up), Famous Crew (2010 Battle of the Year first runners-up), Votion Force (2010 Dentyne Confidance champions) and Katoon Network (2009 Astro Battleground champions) among others. 

At the launch event, Crocs also offered a sneak preview of the three other major upcoming collections for Spring/Summer 2011. They included the ‘Duet’, whose dual-density material construction in the classic Crocs design offer your feet protection on the outside while cosseting your feet comfortably on the inside; ‘Candy’, the sweet and feminine collection featuring translucent uppers and a kaleidoscope of colors; and the unique ‘Crocstone’ collection of stylishly casual everyday footwear that helps tone your leg muscles as you move!


Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that Katoon Network won the grand prize of RM3000 cash from the dance-off competition. Well done and congratulation guys!

That's all for now...

The last picture, Li Chuen and I! :)

.: Peace Out :.