Inniters Lou Sang Dinner Rabbit New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers!

I hope I am not too late to greet you guys and I wish a healthier and wealthier year ahead for everyone who is reading this. Anyway, Chinese New Year is not just about getting red packet money or gambling with fellow friends and family members but most of all is to respect the older generations, especially our parents on what they have done in our life. We greet them with many flowery words in order to make them giving us the red packet of angpau but what they are happy is to see us to be back with them and happily celebrating the lunar new year together. So remember, no matter how hard it is... we must leave everything behind, work, job, task, responsibility and head back to be with our family. This is what happiness is all about no matter if you are poor or ugly. They are still your family.

Okay, I have been away from KL and I am back last Sunday so I'm thinking to update my blog step by step starting from the Inniters Lou Sang dinner that I had on the last last last Friday, January 28, 2011. It was happening in 1Utama, Restoran Sri Melaka. Some of you might not know the word Inniters and how does it come along. It is actually a webpage for blogger community in Nuffnang where we can submit our latest blogpost and ask for 'nangs' in order to increase our blog traffic. So if within the 24 hours our blog entry had become the no.1 in the chart so we might gain a lot of traffic from it. Traffic means more money to be credited into our account, it is all thanks to most of you!

Chilling out at Old Town White Coffee 1st before meeting up at the restaurant. I didn't order anything since I am preparing my stomach for the food later on...

The girls wanna take some girl group photo, so Bernard kindly snap for them with the Blackberry phone.

Different red color outfit for the day! Some wore pink! Haha!

We reached there cun cun 8pm and seems like many of them were not there yet so we settled down on a table there and ordered our food and drinks 1st...

Some of the food we ordered, kinda lazy to memorize all the names since there's too many of us!

Mee goreng

If not wrong this is nasi lemak belacan that I ordered. Quite delicious.

Nasi goreng something something... haha!

This is buttered chicken with rice I think...

Nasi goreng different style...

Sweet and sour chicken

Buttered Chicken

Sizzling Hot Pan Japanese Tofu

Cheeerrrrsss.... Eh I meant yum-shennngggg! :D

Here's the RM68 yu sang... really not worth it but we just wanna enjoy doing the lou sang. I think Sushi Zanmai is selling yu sang for RM48 for portion of 4.

My table, the bloggers are having fun lou sang-ing but at the same time trying not to mess the yu sang up!

Seeeeeeee!!!? Steady ey~

Meanwhile, the other tables are...

Kelian, they didn't know that many people are dying everyday due to starvation and poverty. Just kidding! They are really having fun!

The fun comes with a price, their hands got dirty after that. I thought this was funny enough until my older sister told me her experience in Labuan lou sang-ing with her friends. One of her friends got the yu sang up on her hair and started to throw the chopsticks on the plate. Many of the yu sang was found on the floor, that's how crazy they were!

Last group picture. They are 2 male mermaids at the most front. Kian Fai and Teh Tarik Drinker!

That's all for now. Stay tune for more CNY updates from me.
Till then stay happy and always cherish the time with your family...

.: Peace Out :.