All England Badminton Final Match Night Out!

Last week on the 13th March 2011 was the Yonex All England Championships 2011. The badminton competition was held from the 8th until 13th of  March, at the NIA, Birmingham. It was an awaiting final match for all the Malaysian badminton supporter since our national badminton player Lee Chong Wei is playing against Lin Dan, his greatest opponent of all time from China. 

I planned to watch the final match with a few close blogger friends at Original Kayu Nasi Kandar at SS2 since there's no available channel to watch at home and so we reached there about 9pm plus and the men's double has already begun.

... and the kaki of the night! :)

Michelle the Snoopy! 

Kian Fai the monalisa! XD

The cheerful Jayren, no more emo ok? 

This is me, not the straw la... haha!

No picture from Pennie since she gave me a 'No Picture' sign to me! XD

Kian Fai posing with Snoopy's bracelet from UK :)

The Roti Tisu Besar we ordered, it cost about RM5. It's really big!

Everyone at the mamak place were excited at first because our local players has played quite well and won the 1st set but it turned out to be a BIG disappointment. I was really disappointed with Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong, who have lost to the Denmark team in the final, 2nd and 3rd round was bad. They need to be more humble and build up better stamina in future.

Anyway, just a quick study through Wikipedia. I found out that Lee Chong Wei has only won against Lin Dan in any tournament's final match in his past career 4 times only and this was his fifth time defeating Lin Dan. That's not a very good reputation for a number 1 ranked player in the world but at least we can see that he never gave up and keep trying over and over again. The last defeat was during the Korea Open which was held early this year, 19–21, 21–14, 16–21. I watched that entire match and felt that Lee Chong Wei should have played better but this time he won straight set and I am sure it's a very memorable success for him as he has beat Lin Dan, 21-17 and 21-17.

To recap, Lee Chong Wei won 5 times and lost 10 times to Lin Dan in the final match of any tournament but still, he's the no.1 player followed by Taufik Hidayat and then Lin Dan.

Congratulation Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
You made us proud! :)

.: Peace Out :.