Experiencing the Seminar at Mines Wellness Hotel

Hello all! 

It has been a long time since I last wrote about my personal experience. Not too personal I hope until some of you guys might say,"Who the hell is he that we want to know all that details?" If that really happens then I'm gonna be sad to the max... and I'll just have to point out that... I don't care what you think because this is my friggin' blog! Buahahaha...


I was really sorry for making my colleagues to be late for the seminar, I was to blame since I didn't make sure my colleagues house location and my phone just died in the middle of a heavy pouring that morning just like the Malay simpulan bahasa,"Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga".

It was damn jam along the NKVE and we took the KESAS highway to MINES just in case that it will be jam if we use the normal route. We managed to reach there a few minutes after 9am and we did manage to inform our latency to our admin who's already there. Luckily the seminar has not started but I am sitting right in front! :(

So below was my tag for the seminar!

I still can't write the 'Hao' properly so I told my colleague it's a Chinese character wearing a cap, it has three legs and two tails... she laughed at me like there's nobody's business.

Initially I did not have any idea what's the seminar was about. I only knew a few through the email that circulate internally among my company saying that it's a psychology & team building seminar or some sort like that. So what we did during the very first half of the day, which is from 9am until lunch time was by doing some body exercise (whereby she turned us back into our age of 5 and 2 and a half years old - damn funny!), a little bit to warm the things up and to get us into partners and groups. Well I can say I have this one friggin' good team but the worst part was I only know that most of them were the sale leaders and even top salesperson for the company. No wonder everyone of them were so creative and daring at the same time! Okay basically we had about 8 to 9 person in a team and we assigned our daddy and mommy in our team. We called them 'papa' and 'mama' and I am the cutest son of the family. OMGosh I'm sangat perasan and I know that! :P

We called our team, The Prosperity Victory.
Hope you guys can read the Chinese word in the picture below, it's at the top.

So after lunch break we came back and listen to a session of talk from the teacher (we don't call her speaker because she treated us like students in a primary school), then we proceed into our group again to list down 5 elements or characteristic that we have from the 32 elements listed. After everyone chosen the elements, we have to narrow it down by selecting the most 5 elements in our team. We have to think of an idea on how to present it creatively to the audience in the seminar hall and the best team will get 500 points. So I did most of my part drawing and decorating the materials above while others write the Chinese words (yeah I'm a banana) and they started with the presentation idea.

We were the best and I think we gave the crowd something to remember. So the 500 points were totally ours! Well done team! :)

 Top of the score board with 2200 points! Can you see that? Haha!

Besides all the fun game and sharing session with one another, we were told to list down our targets or goals that we want in 3, 6 or 12 months time whereby we can achieve it probability of 50-50 and also something that we are motivated to do.

Here's the list I did:

-3 Months-
Gain 15kg body weight | Save at least RM5K | Be punctual!

-6 Months-
Master editing software to increase work efficiency | improve studio lighting set up | increase salary by double!

-12 Months-
Travel around the world to take pictures | buy my own property in KL | get married! (LOL)

Simple but nice. It's just a goal but hopefully I can achieve everything in a year time.
This is a very important part for me because I have not been sitting down so long just to think about my goals that I want to achieve and narrow it down with a timeline. I think this one somehow reflected me that I'm not getting any older and it's time to take things serious if I ever want to achieve what I wrote down.

Mandy - Our mama is holding the team material! She's a very nice woman and I was shocked that she has a very good chopsticking skills! She managed to grab 4 coins with a pair of chopstick during the game!

Last but not least, the grand prize for the winning team out of 5 teams which is the Prosperity Victory!
Yay! We got ourself a 4GB Sony micro thumbdrive, it's PINK in color! O.o

I truly had a lot of fun with everyone there despite the presence of our big bosses.
I don't mind to attend this again, not for the free food and gifts but to overcome my fear of speaking Mandarin. I've learnt a lot through out the seminar :)

*** All photos taken with my humble Apple iPhone 2G ***

.: Peace Out :.