Saturday Night Earth Hour Fever!

Hi everybody!

How was your weekend so far? I hope each and everyone of you had a fantabulous time with your friend or family or even just taking a break from the busy life and relax yourself. Anyway, did you guys went for the Earth Hour celebration around your place? I do... but I didn't actually go for the count down looking at the premises or houses switching off the lights one by one but instead I went to Starbucks for some free Frappuccino as stated in my previous entry here

Let me start off from morning onward, I had a quick breakfast before my work with Sherry at Sun Hin Loong, SS2 because the McDonald was very very packed! Imagine people queueing from the counter until out of the premise until the road! It's like as if McDonald is giving out free food, yes and no! They are actually giving out 2 set of breakfast when you purchase with the value RM5 and above from them. So below is the voucher. 

Do look at the T&C 1st before going to McDonald ya!

Gentle reminder : Valid until 31st of March 2011 only oh! :)

Okay enough with that, lately I've been trying to fullfil my goals of not being late to work and yeah, I got a clean sheet of record for the whole week. Monday to Saturday! Oh yeah baby! I've posted about it a few weeks ago, you can check out the goals I've listed for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months here.

After work, I rushed over to Coffee Chemistry Cafe / Cubic Platform at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara to meet my yumcha kaki there and had my lunch there. I've been really loyal to the cafe, every single week my attendance are marked there though I'm not a mayor in Foursquare. Here's some photos taken. 

WARNING: If you are hungry right now, I advise you not to continue reading my blog instead you should fill up your hunger and then continue reading my blog. Thanks! Haha!

My Hazelnut Latte courtesy of Spectre Phang! Thanks bro! :)

 Spicy Carbonara Chicken Herb Pasta... yummy!

 Jayren's plate: Chicken Fried Rice

 Spectre's treat, Chicken Ham Sandwich Wrap

The Chicken Mushroom Pie.

Jolyn said it looks like 'yat pek yeh' which means one pile or one lump of 'something' cough* LOL!
Now let me compare it with the one I took early this year and people, I let you do the judging.

Which one looks more tempting leh?

Before we 'san band' (leave), here's the photo of my lunch/yumcha/dessert kaki! Oh the blue blue geh girl on the left is Jolyn followed by Jayren & Spectre...

Leaving CCC, we went over to Tin Pan Kor Kor which has various of dessert selections. It has just opened right in front of Snowflakes Kota Damansara, LOL... seems like a very big competition there with My Honeymoon as one of the rival too! Haha... Anyway, here's what we ordered! :D Yummy much hor? :)

Bottom left: Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls in Ginger Soup, Top left: Nata de Coco Soy Beancurd, Top Right: Mix Fruit Soy Beancurd, Bottom right: Durian Pancake.

Everything was good except for the durian pancake, too creamy, I prefer the one from Sweet Chat :)

After chilling out at the dessert shop, Spectre and I went for a simple dinner at IKANO Power Center and then we went to the Starbucks @ Borders, The Curve to wait for the FREE Frappuccino!

Time: 8.05pm
Location: One of the seat in Starbucks, The Curve
 Tumbler standing by... haha!

We waited... and waited... and waited... 

 And finally... 8.30pm... they turned off some of the lights including the one at their logo and also their menu board.

Here's my order! Chocolate Cream Chip... yeah it's totally FREE!
I was told that I can refill as much as I can within the 1 hour and I tapau-ed Caramel Cream back home!
Along the way I saw Ikano & Ikea had their lights off but the Curve, e@Curve & Tesco are not really supporting the Earth Hour I guess... oh well. For me, it doesn't mean anything at all. I think Earth Hour should be implement every single day or week instead of once a year. How can it effect the environment and even the society to cut down the energy usage. The plastic day is one of the good example and implementation around the world.

Till then...

.: Peace Out :.