The Launching of Grimbergen Beer @ Brussels Beer Cafe

Hi guys!

Last week I was invited by Ah Bok to witness the launch of Grimbergen Beer at the Brussels Beer Cafe in Menara Hap Seng. It was my very first time to enter Menara Hap Seng although I have passed by that place for several times either for work or for personal matters. Anyway, many of us know that our country alone is truly a rich country not economically of course but in the sense that we have many different races and culture, as well as food and beverages which includes alcoholic drinks such as beer and liquor. At times there's just too many various type of beer in the market but in this post I will be introducing to my readers that there's this new brand of beer which is called the Grimbergen. A product of Belgium, Grimbergen is a newbie under the family of Carlsberg.

The Brussels Beer Cafe, a perfect place to chill out with family and friends after a day of hard work.

The tables and seats are made out of rattan & wood, which tell you that it's not just an ordinary beer cafe.

The main actor of the night, the Grimbergen beer.

Grimbergen beer is known as one of the oldest beer which started way back since 1128 and the history started when St. Norbert founded the Abbey of Grimbergen in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels in Belgium. The Abbey’s Norbertine Fathers helped those in need, primarily by offering food, drink and shelter to passing pilgrims. The area surrounding the Abbey produced hops and barley of the highest quality over a number of years the Father’s perfected a range of Grimbergen recipes that were eagerly drunk by patrons of the inn attached to the Abbey. The license to brew and distribute the Grimbergen brand was acquired by The Carlsberg Group as a part of the Scottish and Newcastle acquisition.

A little speech from the representative of The Carlsberg Group.

My glass of sweet Grimbergen beer. I was too excited to drink it when there's still foam on it. This was taken after my very first sip... haha! :P

The beer was also accompanied by some of great food prepared by Chef Jochen Kern (Director of Cullinary Art of Berjaya School of Hospitality KL). The foods were created with Grimbergen beers infused which goes along very well with the beer.

You are now looking at the plate of pork sausage, meat balls in cameralized onion sauce, calamari rings and chips platter. By looking at the food alone, I am very tempted to have a bite of it and gulped down my glass of Grimbergen.

Close up shot of the pork sausage. Yummilicious! :)

Baked Mussels with Grimbergen Infused Cream and Cheese Sauce Topped with Shredded Bacon. Oh oh and that crispy Roast Pork with a bit salty and fats just evenly spread out, soft on the top part and a bit chewy on the meat made all of us just can't resist to ask for more! It's really juicy and just like what Marcky said to the chef,"the beer is best with the Roast Pork!"

This is the Savana dry cider. This is a very famous drink for the ladies in the European country. I was actually having a conversation with the person in charge there about the cider drinks and they recommend me with this. Let me tell you how it taste like. The taste really sweet and unlike the normal cider which is use to drink, the sourness from the lime matches pretty well with it. I totally recommend this to all of you guys or girls out there.

Drinking is a pleasure, drink like there's no tomorrow!

Grimbergen best to drink when there's a bunch of friends to accompany you along.

Some shots of the fellow patrons of the night.
Esther & Jessy.

Jason & Jessy.

Nikel & girlfriend.

Oh by the way, if you guys are curious to see what Grimbergen can do to the drinker, below is a sample of the drinking effect!

You'll start to imagine things, like bitting the iPhone 'chocolate bar' casing.
Last but not least, remember don't drink and drive.

Till then...

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