X-Men First Class Review and My Complaint about GSC Summit Subang

Do you know why X-men is called X-men?
Instead of Y-men or Z-men? If you want to know then you gotta watch this X-men First Class in the cinema. I am a big Marvel superhero fan and I used to watch the cartoons when I was young and bought some of the comics and action figures that I still keep them until today. Who doesn't Maybe for some girls la… 

Anyway, if you have not watched any X-men movies or even the X-men Origin: Wolverine then it's a very good news because this is something like Star Wars which they actually filmed a few episodes until the ending instead of the beginning of the movie. So this a very good opportunity for you to do a movie marathon which starts with the X-men First Class follows by X-men Origin: Wolverine and then the X-men 1, 2 & 3.

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-MEN.


 Professor Charles Xavier

 Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw

The G-Men! :D

I have no idea what's at at the beginning of the show since I missed the part about 10 minutes or more but I think the Professor Charles has a pretty cool power. I didn't know that besides the power of telepath and to locate any other mutants, he also can actually binds someone's mind to believe what not what they see but what he wants them to see. Too bad he was not a field person anymore after an incident in the movie. The main character in X-men which is the Wolverine was only in the movie for about five seconds to say,"Go fuck yourself!" That's really hilarious. Well this one is not as good as X-men Origins: Wolverine but I will rate 7.5/10 for the actions and storyline.


Here come the complaints about the GSC that I went...

I think it was our unlucky day on that particular Sunday at The Summit Subang USJ. The parking lot was jammed up and we was stuck there for about 10 minutes or more. I have not had my lunch yet at that time since I have just finished my church service at 1pm and I didn't wanna be late to the movie which starts at 3.10 but we only managed to reach about 3.20 and I went to the food counter at GSC to get a mineral water and a regular popcorn. It was pathetic because I was the 4th to queue up and I waited more than 10 minutes! I was late for the movie already and the staff there work like a tortoise! They take their time as if like there's no one lining up. The staff didn't smile at me when it was my turn. Please la… government servants nowadays also have this service with a smile policy and I was so curious that she actually uses more than 5 seconds to count the 3 pieces of RM1 in her hands. What's wrong with her? Enough with that… 

 Look at the bad queueing system. This will not happen at Midvalley or 1Utama GSC.

If you just want to get popcorn and drinks, I advise you to enter the cinema and there's a few kiosk or station for you to get them. The main one is just so pathetically slow.

The movie has already started as I entered the cinema hall with my friend.
My friend stumbled on our seats and I asked her why, she said that someone is sitting on our seat and I asked that person with good manners. He said that the last chair was actually spoiled and that seat belongs to him. I didn't wanna argue with him for sitting at our seat since he's a Malay and the country is ruled by Malay government thus there's always a racism spirit around. So I quickly went out and asked the staff of GSC why would they wanna sell a broken seat to the customers and he just gave us the most corner of the seat. We bought C7 & C8 which is almost the center of the screen and now that staff just gave us the most side one to us! I straight away voice out loudly to him in the cinema that we bought the tickets with credit card so that we can sit near the middle and not to get the side or front seat stupidly! What a BAD DAY for me and my friend. They didn't even apologize to me and offered the most corner seat which is B13 & B14. I can tell you that I will never ever come back to GSC THE SUMMIT SUBANG USJ again! I ban them for life!!! 

.: THE END :.


  1. Waw... What a day you had! I wonder, since the seats are yours, why didn't u claim it and ask the Malay move to those corner seat? U paid for it, man and it's your right! If I were u I'll insist coz im holding the right tickets number on my hand.

  2. @Mikhaela Chan: Yes I know I should insist BUT he doesn't wanna move and I think the one I should blame is the GSC ppl and not him. As I mention, no point arguing with the Malays. They are the KING in Malay-sia! XD

  3. go post ur blog link to gsc facebook. i'm sure they'll compensate you. if they dun, continue make noise

  4. haha thats why I love to go . . . . One Utama GSC or Damansara Area Cinema . . . I stay at Subang Jaya lo lol!

  5. omg...such bad services. i once got my full refund from the manager about the horrid sound quality but i didnt want it. it's not the money its the principle! i think they all need to go for PR course la -_-"

  6. @robb: It's done... i will continue to make noise after 24 hours :)

  7. @kianfai: that's why u always come! haha

    @glow: very bad la their customer service, it's their fault and didn't have a compensation plan for unsatisfied customer like me :(

  8. I kena before at other cinema.. seat broken also sell it.. Damn it.. I sit on floor.. macum illegal nia.. quite shame


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