Bloggers Gathering @ Coffee Chemistry Cafe

Hi guys!
I know this is a very delayed post which I supposed to blog about since February. It was somehow my first visit with a bunch of close blogger friends to Coffee Chemistry Cafe which the premise located inside Cubic Platforms, Sunway Giza.

Nowadays, hanging out with our friends and family is no longer a new trend in town, with many eateries mushrooming and claiming to produce the best cup of coffee to satisfy the caffeine-lovers. Coffee Chemistry Cafe or what most of us like to call CCC, is one of the place in my own personal list where you can get the best coffee in town. The location of the cafe is not hard to be located since it's located right above Movida Bar in Sunway Giza. I shall not write more and I'll let the pictures below to do the talking.

The main entrance of the Cubic Platforms on the second floor.

The Cubic Platforms is an incorporate concept store of DiGi Telecomunication with HTC mobile.

What I like most is that we will be educated with the new HTC mobile phones and at the same time, hanging out with our friends sipping down a nice cup of coffee.

The gathering was actually happened on the Chinese New Year month.

There's HTC logo everywhere and easily to be spotted :)

They provide all sort of Dilmah tea that suits the customer's taste bud and needs.

The cashier area, the kitchen and also they brew the coffee here all in a small place.

An overview picture of Cubic Platform and Coffee Chemistry Cafe.

Another shot here, where you can see HTC actually provide introduction training to the customers who purchased any HTC mobile phones anywhere in the city.

This concept store holds a white interior concept which includes their wall, tables and chairs too.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe (CCC) prides itself in using the premium coffee beans, in this case, Graffeo coffee beans, all the way from the US but one fact that I heard from the owner itself that the coffee beans were actually roasted in Singapore to preserve it's freshness of the beans before it's sent over to Malaysia. I'm sure that's one thing that everyone will be looking up for, the freshness of the coffee beans in every cup of the coffee :)

Here's my order, Cafe Mocha (RM6.90) with a simply interesting barista art.

Cafe Latte (RM6.50)

Earl Grey Dilmah Tea

Another cup of Cafe Mocha with a different barista art.

Seafood Pasta with Spicy Carbonara (RM16.90)

Chicken & Mushroom Pie (RM5.90)

Chicken Pasta.

Vegetable & Onion Frittata (RM5.50)


The Mediterranean style of roasted Pumpkin and Capsicum Soup (RM8.90), this one is really appetizing. Try it!

A group photo of the bloggers before be bid our goodbye.

Overall, the food is nice and the price is affordable. The one that I really salute is their coffee, the taste is great and the price is very much lower than the commercialized cafe that you can find out there.
This ambiance might not be as cozy or comfortable to be at since it's a one stop concept store, so there might be a slight noises from the customers. Anyway, it is surely a place where you can hang out with your friends and family. I'm definitely coming back to this cafe again.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe

C-3A-1, Sunway Giza Mall,
Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(Located above Movida Bar, next to FullHouse)

MSG + Pork Free
WiFi Available

*The food & drinks price shown might be different from the current price in the menu, this one was recorded during February 2011.

.: Peace Out :.