Buffet Dinner at Celcius Bar, Farenheit88

This is a F.O.O.D. post. 
Warning: Do not proceed if you are currently freaking hungry or having an empty stomach. 
"Thank you"

The girls, doing some free modeling publicity for Celcius Bar.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a buffet dinner review at Celcius Bar, Farenheit88.

It was my second time to be there. The first time I was there was for the Truly A Shopper event and I must say they have pretty good and chilling environment.

The simple wall lighting with water fountain attached to it.

Some simple salad for appetizer.

This is the vienna potato & leeks salad. This one taste really good!

The fruit dessert!

Custard and fruits dessert.

Overview picture of the dinner buffet provided on that particular night.

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza. Simply delicious and not too oily, the based is crispy too! :D

 DIY ais kacang!

Miss Ng Yee Ing die die must take picture with desserts. LOL

The staff cutting the roast beef for us. He wasn't ready for the shot. Haha...

Let's have a look what's my pick on my plate! Spagetti, roast beef, fish, chicken and fries!

This plate belongs to Miss Ng Yee Ing, she can eat quite a lot! I'm impressed!

Random: Fork, knife & spoon.

 XiangCool's VIRGIN majito.

Miss Ng Yee Ing's Strawberry Majito ! I personally think that the drinks are too tall and need something to stir it. We ended up using our spoon and knife to stir it. LOL

 This is mine! Spicy Mango Mojito! This is good... feels like having one right now!

 DESSERTS again!

 This is BuayaJess!! Trying out her seducing pose! :P

 Group picture.. omg feel so high school-ish.
From left : Alvin, Bryan, Tony, Iris, Yeeing, Jess, Xiang, and myself! :)

Some info for you party goers out there !
Celsius is not all just about food! 
They have the longest happy hour I've ever seen in bars ; 12pm till 9pm !
Now they're having bottle promotion of  Chivas Regal, Finlandia Vodka, Jack Daniels, JW Black Label, Hennessy VSOP, and Macallan - Rm490 for 2 bottles. 

Address : 
Celsius Restaurant + Bar @ Fahrenheit88 
LG2-01 , Fahrenheit88, 
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

 P/s: Credits to Miss Ng Yee Ing for all the pictures in this post! :)

.: Peace Out :.