Inferno Habanero Hot Wings Eating Competition at Frontera Sol of Mexico


A few weeks ago which is on the 30th June 2011, Thursday a few bloggers and friends headed over to the Frontera Sol of Mexico, located in Jaya One, PJ. The purpose of us heading to that place is to challenge ourselves to complete the Inferno Habanero Hot Wings Eating Competition.

I met up with Kian Fai earlier before meeting the rest who has already arrived there.
I was indeed very clueless at the beginning because I have not tasted the Habanero chili before and I had never ate 6 pieces of chicken wings in a very short time given. The only thing I try not to think of is how spicy it will be and hopefully I can manage to pump up some adrenaline by eating as fast as I could. Do read on to see how does it actually went...

Some overview pic of Frontera Sol of Mexico.

Before we start, each one of the contestants are required to sign off the agreement to accept the rules & regulation which has been published as seen above.

If we did not complete the 6 pieces of wings in 2 minutes, we have to pay RM 25nett per person (inclusive of 6 Inferno Habanero Hot Wings & a glass of milk)

Let's look at the full rules & regulation below.

Rules & Regulations:

1. Each participant will be given one(1) basket of six(6) Inferno Habanero Hot Wings.

2. Each participant will be given two(2) minutes to eat as many wings as possible.

3. Participant will not be allowed to drink anything during these two(2) minutes.

4. Participant will only be allowed to drink thirty(30) seconds after the two(2) minutes are over.

5. Each participant will be rewarded with one(1) bottle of Strongbow Cider or one(1) premium gift for every three(3) completely eaten wings (inclusive of drummettes).

6. If the participant completely eats one(1) basket of six(6) Inferno Habanero Hot Wings within the first one(1) minute, he/she will be given one(1) more basket of six(6) Inferno Habanero Hot Wings for free.

7. The participant, who eats the most Inferno Habanero Hot Wings, will have his/her fee waived. His/her photo will be posted on facebook as Frontera’s Inferno King/Queen. To qualify for this, the participant must eat a minimum of six(6) Inferno Habanero Hot Wings*

8. Participant who break rule 3 and/or rule 4 and/or doesn’t completely eat each Inferno Habanero Hot Wings will be disqualified.

I did not know what to expect on that night & I kept tweeting about it. It was good that I had a few friends who supported me via Twitter. Oh, I also became Frontera's lucky 100th follower in Twitter. The boss treat me a drink and I asked for a Tiger Beer. Do follow them in Twitter @Fronterabar
Some sneak peek of the ingredients which they use for the sauce. The top one is habanero chili.

Here's the picture of the sauce & chicken wings.

The 6-pieces of Inferno Habanero Hot Wings.

The first 2 contestants who competing for the competition, Joanna Kay & Marcky. The organizer needed some time to prepare the wings and all of us couldn't go for the challenge at the same time so we decided to split into 3 teams which consist of 2 contestants each.

Waiting for the organizer to ring the bell to start off the competition...

...and then they started to gorge on the wings! They both managed to finish 3 and a half wings.

Next round is myself & Kian Fai.

*look at our cheesy smile... we didn't know what will happen at that time.

Nervously waiting for the bell to ring...

...and then I went for my first bite! It was ok when I had my first until the third one but then when I was trying to go for the forth wings, my throat started to burn and my lips were too.

FINALLY THE BELL RANG AGAIN! I have finished 5 wings and Kian Fai did 3 and a half wings.
Oh shoot! The sauce all over my mouth-lip.

After the 2 minutes struggle (haha...) we have to wait for 30 seconds before we can drink our milk.
The above picture was me licking off the sauce from my finger. My goodness, I don't know why I smiled at that time BUT it was BURNING inside me!

Next up, Leonard & Trent.

They both fought a pretty good battle (lol...) whereby Leonard finished 3 and a half and Trent finished 2 and a half in 2 minutes time.

Some of the left over wings from the competition.

While they wait for the spiciness to go down, they had some homemade icecream from The Last Polka, it was good I heard but kinda pricy though. Kian Fai had this Teh Tarik flavor and I indulge myself with something else later.

Horny Margarita, best margarita in KL awarded by Time Out Magazine. I saw this at the drinks menu there and I'm sure my friend Evelyn would like to try their margarita. Hopefully she won't turn horny after drinking this. Hahaha...

Mike Yip, our videographer of the night challenged himself to go for a piece of the wings. I was told that he can't take spicy food and after eating that one piece, he said that he'll stick with the Hot & Spicy KFC Chicken only. Hahaha...

Can you see my lips burning? Eyes were red too T.T

A group photo before we leave the place. I looked horribly tedious :(

I was the champion of the competition that night BUT I still have to pay for it since I didn't manage to finish all 6-pieces of wings. Anyway, I would recommend my readers out there to try it for yourself, at least once in your lifetime. The balance you can keep it to prank your colleagues or siblings. Hahaha...

Since I didn't get to have The Last Polka, I suggested that both Kian Fai and I should go for a Chocotop in SS2 McD instead.
Weee... my McD Chocotop. RM1.70 only after tax.

Kian Fai posing with his McD Chocotop. Spot the red eyes. Haha...

Me posing with my McD Chocotop. That's my old hairstyle, now I'm back to my short & nerdy hairstyle! :P

It was really a good experience though to challenge myself for the  Inferno Habanero Hot Wings Eating Competition and it lasted until the next working day. Suffered through out my day job and went to the toilet countless times.

Oh by the way, Frontera Sol of Mexico is a really nice place to hang out with friends and family members after a hard working day. Do check out the details of the place below.

Once again, thanks to the organizer.

Cuisine: Mexican & Tex-Mex Opening Hours: 11am to 1am (Sun till Thurs) 11am to 2am (Fri & Sat) Live Music: Fridays & Saturdays (9.30pm onwards) Reservation: 03.7958.8515 Events: 012.2928.096 Email:

Frontera Sol Of Mexico
18-G-2, Jaya One, 
72A, Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, 

.: Peace Out :.