My Very First Penang Trip [Part 1]

Hi all!

Last month, I had my sole trip going up to Penang for the first time. It wasn't really a pleasant experience for me because I went up on a public holiday itself and the bus ride actually took about 7 hours plus. I did not expect the delay and being stuck in the jam is really tiring though I did not drive. When I reached the destination, the number ONE thing that came into my mind was Char Kuey Teow!

The bus took me to the bus terminal and from there I was warmly welcomed by Isaac, Ivan (Isaac's brother) and YY, who came all the way from Kulim to meet up with us.

Some facts that you need to know about the New World Park, Penang.

This place was opened somewhere in the year 2008 and it has become one of the famous food court place in Penang. At the New World Park, you can dine semi alfresco as the stars twinkle above as a gentle breeze blows. Choose among some of the best-known food and beverage outlets in Malaysia all under one roof in the Magnificent Fine Dining Section. Adjacent is the ever-popular Food Court, with over 28 stalls presenting a wealth of Penang’s famous street food in a clean and cosy environment.

The massive overhead canopies and roof top terraces enhance the ambiance, and in the background, live music and songs fill the air. There is even a Centre Performance Stage which stages music from live bands, aerobics session and other exciting activities. It’s also the shopper’s delight with several pockets of retail outlets offerings the latest fashion accessories and gifts. New World Park Fabulous Street Market, offers an array of unique products and services. With ample parking accessible from Jalan Hutton and Jalan Burma including 6 drop zones and 4 bus parking bays, at New World Park, you will really be spoilt for choices.

Penang Char Kuey Teow - RM4.50
This one with duck egg, taste not too bad but surprisingly PJ has better char kuey teow than this.
We had the spicy and non spicy one, spicy one definitely taste better for me.

Ice Kacang - RM2
This one is good, it has been a last time since I last tasted an ice kacang.

Chee Cheong Fun - RM 4
Just an ordinary chee cheong fun that I no need to describe.

Loh Bak - RM 12
This one is good, a variety of light food such as fried toufu, etc...

Penang Cucur Udang - RM 5.50
This one has a few medium size prawn in it. Taste good too but slightly a bit too oily.
The chili sauce is just nice.

Cendol - RM2
Ivan has this, I didn't get to taste this since there's too much food on the table.

The drink stall.

Overview of the food court in New World Park.

Myself, Isaac & YY.

Some nice decorations to be found in New World Park. It's not only for display. Customers can actually purchase them from a shop there.

The wooden goat.

The wooden horse.
The horse carrier.

Lunch buffet at RM9.90, that's really cheap!
Overall it's a place that you might not want to miss when you are visiting Penang. A good place for young and old people to hang out with the cafe and restaurants that are in store for everyone.

New World Park
Lorong Swatow
Georgetown, 10050 George Town, Penang

.: Peace Out :.