My Very First Penang Trip - Straits Quay [Part 2]

This is a following post from My Very First Penang Trip [Part 1].

In this edition, I have posted a some pictures that I have took from Straits Quay. Some of you might not know about Straits Quay but it is something like a lifestyle mall where they have plenty of shops, place for events, stalls, residential place and etc. Located along the sea in Seri Tanjung Pinang, it is definitely one of the higher class place in Penang.

There's a lot of places to be found there where you can shop & eat.

We camwhored! :D

From left to right, Isaac, YY, myself & Ivan.

They had this food engraving competition going on that night.

Some pictures along the marina.

The scenery there reminds me of Labuan, one of the place where I grew up.

The reason why I wanted to visit this place so badly is because of one particular cafe which is located inside Straits Quay itself, the Charlie Brown Cafe. I'm sure a lot of people from Gen-X would know what is Charlie Brown and for Gen-Y peeps like myself, you might have heard about Snoopy, the pet beagle of Charlie Brown. I didn't really get to try the food or drinks at the cafe since we only have limited time to go around, hence we took some pictures of the cafe's exterior.

The Charlie Brown cafe is located at 3A-1-17 & 3A-1-18 of Straits Quay. You can contact them for inquires at 04-899 8602.

Straits Quay’s strategic location in Seri Tanjung Pinang means one thing: getting here is a breeze. Besides more traditional forms of transportation, E&O’s new water limousine service from the historical E&O Hotel presents an unforgettable way to get to Straits Quay.

By Water Limousine (coming soon)
15 minutes from new E&O Hotel Pier

By Car
15 minutes from the city centre of George Town, 20 minutes from Batu Feringghi, 35 minutes from the Penang Bridge, 45 minutes from the Penang International Airport.

By Bus
Rapid Penang No. 101 & 103
.: Peace Out :.


  1. Interesting place and nice pics! Hope to visit penang soon.

  2. Like that place as well, the only problem is foods are expensive betul ........

  3. Now, was it really your first Penang trip,,,,? hai ya, should have called me, i would have taken you round, next time ya........I am from Penang

  4. havent been to penang yet and always wanted to! :) love the pictures!! ;)

  5. I wanna go Penang!!! Still no chance go yet~~

  6. havent get the chance to visit this place yet.. :)

  7. penang is awesome xP, cause i'm here. jk xP

  8. Uhmm.. I think I read this post before?? Or you just post??

    O.O Oh.. I saw it in your FB photo albums!!! =="

    I wanna go PENANG!!! I wanna be in your camera!!!!

  9. It reminds me of Clark Quay haha

  10. never went there b4 bro.. like ur shots.. especially the varieted B&W one..

  11. Higher class, yes, that's why I still prefer Gurney Plaza - more shops there

  12. Yer~~~~~~~~~~ Snoopy caught my eye!!!!

  13. @evelyn: yes u should! thanks ya!

    @eugene: should have look u up when im going to Penang the next round ok?

    @caroline: u should go with eric! thanks ya!

    @cutebun: go go go! come to kl 1st!

    @ken: u stayed nearer to penang wor :P

    @camy: LOL... yeah Penang is a nice place

    @bendan: oh yalor... still need some time to slowly post all the blogpost :P

    @jfook: yeah but CQ much nicer :P

    @coldwinter: thank u alfred... still learning here! :)

    @philip: yeah i been to gurney plaza early in the morning =.="

    @meitzeu: hahaha... and charlie brown too! :P

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