Trend Micro Video Competition, "What's your Story?"


What’s Your Story?


In this very day, so many of us are attached with the active social media and some were too attached that they can't live without getting online on the net for even a day or more than 24hours. They just want to stay connected no matter with their pc, notebook or mobile.

At this point, we might too vulnerable to all sort of computer viruses, malwares, spywares and etc. So there's a lot of things that can happen beyond what we can expect and there will be some consequences from what I personally think.

Ultimately, what’s your story?


This is a video contest by Trend Micro. Trend micro is a computer security company. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and markets Trend Micro Internet Security, Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, OfficeScan, and other related security products and services. Eva Chen has been CEO for the company since 2005 succeeding Steve Chang, who is now Chairman. Read more about Trend Micro here from Wikipedia.

What you need to do is just produce an inspiring video testimonial on:

1. What Internet security/safety means to them

2. Entrants to relate a personal story

3. The account to end with, "This is my story, what's your story?"

There are 3 categories in this contest.

1. Being a Good Online Citizen,

2. Using a Mobile Phone Wisely and

3. Maintaining Your Privacy Online

Let me tell my readers out there about some info that you need to know before you proceed on this video contest.

What’s the contest for ?

For the general public residing in Malaysia to share their stories via video on Facebook about their experiences of Internet Safety.

When does the contest end ?

This is a 2 months contest, starting from June till July 2011. This is to coincide with the launch of the Trend Micro Malaysia Facebook Fan Page.

Here comes the question. How to join this contest?
Pick one of these categories:

1. Being A Good Online Citizen
2. Using A Mobile Phone Wisely
3. Maintaining Your Privacy Online

Shot a video of yourself (or you can ask your friend to act) and start talking about your story be it you encountered it or you heard it. Remember, must relevant to the category you’ve chosen.

You can either let the video tells the story or do voice over.

The video must not shorter than 30seconds and not longer than 2 minutes.

After you have done with all that, you are required to register at the link and upload your video to the website.

Last step, ask your friends to VOTE. Voting starts on July 24th, 2011.

>>> Below is the video that I have made for the contest... WISH ME LUCK! :D <<<

Besides increasing the awareness of the public on Internet Safety, there’re really exciting prizes ahead as well!

College Edition - Winners Prizes (12 in total)

1st prize – RM1,000.00

2nd prize – Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + Samsonite backpack

3rd prize – Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + Free 4GB USB Flash Drive

Grand Final Prize (Open to all)

1st prize - RM5,000.00

2nd prize – RM1,000.00

3rd prize – RM500.00

Videos will be uploaded onto the microsite (

The videos will be shared at the Trend Micro MY Facebook Fan Page for public “Like” / voting.

Participants can share the link of the video on their Facebook page and get people to Like them as well.

How does it sound to you? I think the prizes offered are really motivating :D

Like’ their page for more information!

.: Peace Out :.