CleverMunkey has a Facebook Fan Page!

Hey guys, just wanted to make an announcement that I have decided to create a Facebook fan page for my blog after I started my blog since 2008. It has been a really good journey for my blog. I started off taking pictures with a 0.3 megapixel camera phone and now I'm using some good photos produced by people whom I know and myself. I hope that's a good achievement.

Anyway, if you have not LIKE my Facebook fan page. Just click LIKE on the sidebar widget as posted in picture below, in case you guys couldn't find where it is.

Alternatively, you can click on the link here and it will direct you to the page in Facebook.

If you have LIKE-D my page then I can only say a very BIG THANK YOU and much appreciation for you because you are part of the reason why I am so motivated to blog actively. Whatever it is, I hope you and I together can share more inspiring stories and entries in future.

All the best!

.: Peace Out :.