Cool DiGi Buka Puasa @ The Bee, Jaya One

Today is a Saturday and I'm sure some of you out there might be starting your long Hari Raya break. If you are driving back to your hometown, be careful on the road and do not practice reckless #somalaysian driving skills! Be patient. Better late than never right? Anyway, on Thursday night I had a buka puasa event with the DiGi Angels at the Bee, Jaya One organized by Nuffnang.

I'm the a first few to reach The Bee at around 6.25pm and the Nuffies were all there to attend the invited Nuffnangers for this DiGi Buka Puasa. The setting of the Bee is like any other coffee cafe but what attracts me is the ambience and the various of seatings and the material they used for the chair and table that makes the Bee different from other cafe.

I don't know what does DiGi Super Bloggers actually means here.
Super Yellow Man perhaps? Hahaha...

Elwyn testing out the HTC Evo 3D and I managed to snap the back and the front view of the phone. Kinda like its design. Classy I must say :) 

Before we start breaking our fast, the master of ceremony asked 10 volunteers to go up to the stage for an ice-breaking game. I took part in it but I got eliminate at the very first round of it and the rest went on with the game and I started to munch away the fries on my plate (I was too hungry to wait for the breaking fast to start).

Benjamin is very good in the DiGi Says This game and he won himself a DiGi mug together with 2 other winners.

My table, nice to get to know some new friends and we were so eager to start eating already!

This is Ginny getting a shot with her main course.

Chicken mushroom pie for Ginny with some salad on the side.

 My main course, Australia Burger served with fries. The portion is just right for me, not too big and not too small. Managed to make me last for the whole night without taking supper.

Kian Fai's Chili Dog also with fries on the side. The fries were too hard for him. 

Kelly's Chili Prawn Pasta. 

Free flow of soft drinks and lemonade will be given after 7.30pm so we all asked for many rounds of drinks but I was hoping for my cup of Cappuccino to be served. Oh well, I think the staff's hands are too tight till they forgot my order.

 After my main course, next is my dessert. I had the Churos with Chocolate Ganache.
Chocolate is also my best friend, not only for women! :P

The Last Polka, strawberry cream cheese ice-cream for Ginny

Oreo Cheesecake for my Second round of dessert. Yumz! :D 

The highlights of the event is where the DiGi Device Marketing Associate actually informed us that DiGi will be launching their two new products which is the HTC Sensation & HTC EVO 3D with a very affordable price. Well of course you need to sign up for the contract plan. Let's take a look of the contract list below.

For this HTC Sensation, the retail price is RM2,199.
Just by paying RM1,399 for 24 month contract, you'll be able to save RM900.
Pay RM1,699 for 12 months contract, you'll be able to save RM600.

For this HTC EVO 3D, the retail price is RM2,199.
Just by paying RM1,449 for 24 month contract, you'll be able to save RM750.
Pay RM1,699 for 12 months contract, you'll be able to save RM503.

For more info, do check out their website at

After the launch, all of the DiGi Angels were given a chance to do a review on the two techy HTC gadget. There were two rounds of game. Each team consist of three person. The first round was to find the main attraction and the highlighted tech specs on card located in the Bee, two teams won this round which is the team Cha Cha and team Anything. The second round, same three in a group team, we were assigned to do three task which is to snap pictures with the DiGi staff, snap something related to Nuffnang and the last one is snap something that has three different colors on it. I joined this round but my team, EVO Guy didn't manage to be the top two fastest team. This round won by team Melissa and team Sensation, the both team get to review HTC Evo 3D. At the end of the day, each from one phone type will stand a chance to keep the phone if they became the best phone reviewer.

All the best!

The DiGi Angels! 
(From left to right: Melissa, Kelly, Benjamin, Elwyn and myself) 

The Nuffies having their meal, sorry for the blur picture. Camera's battery was dying. 

Another blur pic from my loyal Canon Powershot G9, the Nuffies and the DiGi staff! :) 

Souvenirs! HTC Mini Highlighter Pack and their recyclable pen. Love it! 

Overall, I had a good time at the DiGi buka puasa event. Gain some new friends and hopefully some pounds too! Thanks to DiGi & Nuffnang for organizing this very successful event. To all my readers out there, drive safe and have a good weekend.

.: Peace Out :.