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Do you have been into any trouble when looking for any home services or even the handyman services related directory near your residential place? Getting tired of asking around and searching for the best contractor around to do your house renovation or as minor as fixing the broken water tab in your kitchen?

Look no further because I have a very good website directory to recommend to you guys out there. 
Homeloq is a simple website directory for Home Services, Home Improvement, Home Repairs, Contractor Services, Handyman Services related directory in Malaysia.

Services are well listed on the right hand side of the website, from air conditioning to cleaning services, maid services, wiring and etc. You can either search for a particular service or even posted your services in the website to other users to view.

You can easily find the nearest Home Services in Malaysia. It has a collection of list of Home Maintenance, Home Improvements, Home Repairs, Home Decor and Home Services in Malaysia.
Every states are listed according for the ease of the user. So lets say you are based in Selangor like I do, so click on Selangor at the 'Find by Location' corner and you will see all the services that are provided in the state of Selangor. That's not hard, right?

All you need to do is to is to register in the website and then login within just a few clicks and you can start searching for the services that you desire from the list shown on the right hand side of the website.
When you have found the company of contractor or services that you desire, you can click 'CONTACT DETAILS' and you will be brought into their company profile and contact information such as telephone number, website, email, address and etc.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your precious time, money and energy looking for sources out there. Homeloq is the website directory for everyone, especially for you and me!

For more information or the list of the services, do log into homeloq.

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