My Experience @ E-Commerce Fair 2011

Shalom! Shalom!

Did you know what has happened last weekend at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre?
The First and the largest E-Commerce Fair 2011 in Malaysia was held on the three following days from the 12, 13 & 14 August (Friday-Sunday), 2011 11.00am - 9.00pm. There was an opening ceremony for this very event at 11am and it was attended by the VIPs.

I went there on the Friday itself and I was very excited to go for the SuperBID but sadly I can't make it for the 6.00pm session. A lot of people went home with really good deals such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab for only RM800+ and also the Olympus EP-3 for only RM2200! What a steal! Anyway, let's take a look what are the things that had happened through out the first day itself.

 The Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

The event layout. You'll get to see all the schedules of what to expect through out the fair. 

Some of the company which participated for the fair.

There's plenty of booth participated during the fair such as P1 4G, Citibank, PayPal, SuperBid, BuySellTrade, TMNet, etc...

 PayPal is coming to Malaysia officially this coming September. I'm sure that's gonna be an ease for every PayPal users in Malaysia and hopefully more people will be exposed to the usage of PayPal.

There's plenty of activities in the Function Room B such as the talk about 3 essential tips to building leads & make your brand go love with Malaysiakini by Ms Sarimah Samad (MalaysiaKini).

A very interesting talk on the Export with by Mr. Song (CBSA Online Sdn Bhd)
There's a lot of success story gained from using this web.

I spotted the team in the fair too!

 Some great efforts of getting the people to sign up...

 Randy & Jan, some of the person in charge who's working for the fair.

Not to forget this lovely booth, Henry & friends!

Before leaving Midvalley, I really had to get some Snowflakes cure for my craving!
They just opened in Midvalley on the 29th of July and now everyone can have Snowflakes before movie or when they are shopping there!

My all time favorite, the Taro Balls Series with Yam, Pearls, Taro Balls & Red Beans!
I'm lovin' it! Till then...

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.: Peace Out :.