My Very First Penang Trip - Home Cooked Lunch [Part 3]

Hi again!

In this entry, I'll be introducing to ya'll some of the home-cooked meal by Isaac's parents.
It has been a very very long time since I last tasted a full home-cooked meal and it was nicely done for lunch before we journey back to KL. Lets take a look of some of the food prepared for us.

A very simple yet scrumptious meal for lunch!

Some deep fried chicken wings and drumlets. Best to dip with chili sauce!

Some local home-cooked yong tau fu.

This one is quite special to me, deep fried small fishes. I think it's flounder fish.

Deep fried squids! This one was super delicious!

We had curry chicken as well, my favorite! Despite that the dish looks oily, well if it's not oily, it's not curry... maybe it's rendang! Haha...

Besides all that, we also had some local 'guo chung' (glutinous rice dumpling), tomatoes and some pretty sweet watermelons for desserts! I love every single dishes that are prepared for us on that lovely afternoon. I miss my parents' home-cooked dishes right now. Hopefully I can get to see them again!

Thanks to Isaac and family for the great hospitality.
I had a pleasant stay. God bless.

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.: Peace Out :.