My Visit to Kek Lok Si, Buddhist Temple in Penang


Today is the first day of Hari Raya and I am posting this up right before my short getaway up north for some food hunting and exploration. For those who are still stuck in your workplace or not going back to your hometown with your family. I hope you guys can take be patient and calm because that's life. As I'm going for a trip, I need to bring along my work with me just in case if there's any changes that I need to do. Look at the bright side, that's the path that you are meant for and no one is forcing you (unless it's from your family members... BUT REMEMBER, always love your family and your neighbour! Teehee~).

Back to the topic posted above, I was brought to see one of the great landmark in Malaysia which is the Kek Lok Si, Buddhist Temple in George Town, Penang. Before I continue, I would like to thank Isaac Tan for his great hospitality and being a very good tour guide through out my short trip to Penang. He suggested that we should try the famous Laksa at the Pasar Air Itam which is located in the other corner of the road near the temple. It was drizzling at that time but thank God that we managed to get a table and had our late breakfast there.

The famous Pasar Air Itam Laksa.

Our cold soya bean and sugar cane, very typical beverages in Malaysia. (RM1.20/each)

The famous Air Itam Laksa (RM3.50). For me who had never tasted Laksa in Penang, this was my first time experience it and the spices, the sweet and sour taste that they use is quite unique. The texture of the noodle was smooth and it's not hard to chew at all. Portion a little too small for a big eater like me. Nevertheless, this was a late breakfast for me and the lunch that I had was posted at the link below:

Some action by the chef.

I heard this Deep Fried Po Pniah stall was quite good but we didn't get to try it.

Kek Lok Si temple, on a cloudy and rainy day...

Actually the rain was a blessing because it was so crowded along the path way towards the temple. On a normal daily basis, this place is very hot and the rain did cool down the temperature inside the path way.

Along the path way, there a lot of things for sell from accessories, clothing, food and many more. The price for the things there are affordable and if you have a good talent in negotiating the price, this is the place that you need to visit for some very good bargain.

The direction to Kek Lok Si Temple.

The staircase entrance. Taken with my UWA lens. It's a good lens for tight places like this.

The bridge and the gazibo along the way up. There's many fishes in sight under it. 

Some Chinese character words on a very big stone.
Small sized Pagoda.

Waiting for the lift to go up the temple. Price for one way is RM2 per person.

Some statues and accessories for sell displayed near the waiting place.

Going up with the lift... it took about 2 minutes to reach.

Mr Isaac Tan, the personal tour guide.

Statues around the temple.

Kuan Yin roofing in progress. It's pretty big I must say!

The temple is actually accessible through cars, cab or bus but I'm not sure from where.

Overview shot of George Town.

Isaac getting some good luck strings. I actually wanted to snap the chick next with red top there but my UWA lens was too limited for zooming.

Isaac posing with the good luck string's tree.

The shop located in the temple.

I found the most expensive wooden cat statue here...

Some 3D image on the temple. It's about RM3 per piece if I'm not wrong.

Spot the bumble bee...

Going back down with the same lift. It was an eye opening to visit such religion place to learn more about other people's culture and tradition. Well of course this visit would never influence my personal belief as a Christian. I believe that everyone should have an image of something that they can rely on to pull themselves up during the weakest point in their life or even to pull back as well when they are sky high to be humble again to the people around them. Believing in yourself is a good thing but overconfident of the non- existence of God can somehow create a gap between yourself and the people who are bonded to religious beliefs. That is why they have Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas and etc. Like I said, somehow for the minority. Don't get offended.

I would like to end this post with a very good companion through out the journey, I hope I didn't bore him. Hahaha...

Happy Holiday!

.: Peace Out :.