Wai Sek Kai SS2

Time flies! In a few days time, all of us will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri and our National Day. I'm sure most of you would already have plans for the long break and some even has gone back to their hometown or having vacation somewhere. Whatever it is, I would like to wish you all happy holiday in advance.

In this entry, I would like to introduce a very famous makan place in SS2. It is called Wai Sek Kai (Selera Makan) or also know as Gluttony Street. I am sure most of the residents in SS2 especially the Chinese people would have been to this place before since it has good variety of food either for lunch, dinner or even supper.

Wai Sek Kai at night...

After 11pm, many stalls will be closed and the crowd are lesser.
Let me tell you guys some of my favorite food here.

The first one would be the Wan Tan Mee. It's simple, fast and it has great cha siu that comes with it!
This one is the BIG portion and I only paid RM4.80 for this plate of good wan tan mee.

I got my Wan Tan Mee from stall no.29

Next is Penang Char Kuay Teow (RM4.50), this one was really good, not too dry but tasty. 
Too bad I forgot the stall number otherwise I will state it here.

Next to that Char Kuay Teow stall, is the Chee Cheong Fun. I paid RM4 for this.
Looks oily, seriously it was too oily.

This is a must have! Lin Qi Kang (RM2).
A really good thirst quencher especially during the hot sunny days.

GPS: N3 07.101 E101 37.286

The stalls in Wai Sek Kai open as early as 8-9am and closes around 11pm-12am.
Environment might not be too great but the food there is affordable and good.
My dad kept visiting the place when he was in PJ.

.: Peace Out :.