Arsenal Asia Tour 2011 in Malaysia!

During my early days in my high school, I use to support Liverpool FC in the English Premier League and just because of them having players like Emile Heskey and Micheal Owen which that time was the youngest player to score goals for England team in the World Cup 1998. After a while I felt that the team didn't really progress well as a strong team in the league and they can't maintain their reputation as the top 3 strongest team. Anyway, I shifted myself from a Liverpool fanboy into the Gunners supported until today. It's more than 10 years now and Arsenal FC have experienced many good and bad times, mainly bad times but I still support them nevertheless.

If you did follow my blog from time to time, I'm sure many of you would remember that I've posted a contest organized by (the link here) and they are giving away a few Arsenal Asia Tour 2011 passes. I received an email saying that I won a pair of passes and headed straight to collect it the day after, I was pretty delighted at that time.

Due to my fixed working hours, I had to skip the training session and only manage to attend their match against Malaysia the day after.

A long queue of fans queuing up to get their tickets for the match... 

The crowd outside the stadium... 

The overview of the stadium, it was my first time there. 

My date for the match, a fan of Chelsea but it's always good to attend a match like this with someone who appreciate football and not procrastinate them.

Some really awesome fans with make up on and fancy head wear. 

Line up of Malaysia team. 

Line up of Arsenal team. Fabregas was not in the game...

Waiting for the referee to blow the whistle... 

The end result was 3-0. Both teams played well and Malaysia did a few good attempts but their defense team must be polish even harder and team dynamic must be brushed up if they really want to score in the coming matches.

Peace up from Evelyn... 

...and thumbs up from me!

We waited almost an hour to finally come out from the parking lot and we were superbly hungry and so we headed over to a restaurant nearby to have something to fill up our stomach. 

Restaurant Song Thai, a mixture of Chinese and Thai cuisine nearby the stadium. 

Thai fried rice with pineapple, taste not bad but can be better. 

We had belacan kangkung, this is good but a bit too oily. 

Some peanuts to chew on while waiting for the food to come. 

I had a tiring night but it was truly a lifetime experience for me as a Sabah boy to witness Arsenal playing in 'Boleh'land...

.: Peace Out :.