Cocktail Mixing Workshop at Social@KL

On the 30th of July, I attended a Cocktail Mixing Workshop courtesy of TimeOut KL. It was my first time trying out to mix cocktail with the guidance and teaching from the professional. I've seen many events where the bartender or mixologist would prepare and present us the cocktail but mixing it in a proper method was never an experience for me until that very evening. The cocktail mixing workshop took place at Social@KL which located inside the GTower building. As I mention before in a my previous post, parking fees are RM2 per entry after 6pm. Plus it's walking distance from the Ampang Park LRT thus it's very convenient for the public to head over to this place.

Social@KL, located strategically at the ground and lower ground floor of GTower.

The workshop started at 8pm, with a brief introduction by Kim Choong from TimeOutKL. This workshop costs RM750 for 2pax, but it was complimentary this round. There was a demonstration on how to mix the 2 chosen cocktail for the night and it was conducted by the award winning mixologist Steven.

Before I start telling you guys the details of the workshop, maybe some of you might not know or heard of cocktail before, so....

What is a cocktail?

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains two or more ingredients — at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit. Cocktails were originally a mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. The word has come to mean almost any mixed drink that contains alcohol. A cocktail today usually contains one or more kinds of spirit and one or more mixers, such as soda or fruit juice. Additional ingredients may be ice, sugar, honey, milk, cream, and various herbs.

The first cocktail for the cocktail mixing workshop was the Classico Old Fashioned.

This cocktail contain mixtures of 60ml Matusalem Classico Rum (optional, can be replaced with any other rum), 05ml Monin Vanilla and 2 drops of Aromattic Bitter and a few slices of orange skin.

Steven taught us on how to measure the amount of rum and also a few other tips on how to do this with the utensils that available at our home, so we don't need to buy it on purpose for this.

The Classico Old Fashioned. It has a slightly higher than average taste of the rum and the smell of the orange is supremely good. Most guys would like this drink including myself.

After the first cocktail lesson, we were given 15minutes break to get ourself the Blue Paradise which cost only RM1 per glass at a particular time only in Social@KL! Just one buck, so why not?

My partner, Roslyn with her drink.

In between our break, Kim Choong has prepared a surprise birthday cake for Steven and he was really delighted to celebrate his birthday in the workshop and all of us get to taste a slice of the cake! :D

Happy birthday, sifu Steven!

Next up, the Jungle Fury.

The name sounded very tropical but actually it's a mixture of 40ml Kiwi Vodka (optional, you can replace this with the normal Vodka), 15ml of Monin Passion Fruit Mix, 15ml of Monin Green Tea and a half no's of Kiwi fruit.

Mixologist Steve said,"you gotta shake it on your right and the shake it on your left!" :D

He added,"when mixing the cocktail, it's advisable that we have a good preparation and mix it with style especially in front of our girlfriend/boyfriend and maybe the chances of getting laid will be higher". Everyone laughed when he said that.

When shaking the mixture, use only ice cube and not crushed ice so that it won't get diluted so easily.Then he poured it down into a glass filled with crushed ice which he has prepared earlier...
finished it with a few touches of sliced Kiwi fruit.

Here you go ladies & gentlemen, the Jungle Fury.

After the lessons, we too get to do some hands on mixing!
Roslyn and I get to mix the Classico Old Fashioned.

Rosyln in action! Steady babe!

Munkey in action, Roslyn was mesmerized by me. LOL

He said we passed, we did a good job so we get to take a picture with our sifu, just kidding.
Anyone can take pictures with him!

Yeong Boon with his partner & sifu Steven.

Jess Lee, Zheng Norah & sifu Steven.

A happy group photo before we conclude the workshop! :D

The workshop was very simple but educating, of course in cocktail mixing. A very good exposure for me with the tips that Steven had given us and also I understood that some girls prefer very light amount of alcohol when it comes to cocktail. I always thought that they would prefer heavier taste since most of the girls prefer having cocktail than beer... Anyway, I had a lot of fun in this workshop.

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