Tiger Tupperware Horleys!

What are the similarities of this entry's title for me these past few days? I won a few goodies from all the brand above! Oh well, let me elaborate more on this… so do continue reading the rest of the entry ya….

Last Sunday I went to 1Utama to collect my Tiger Chiller Box which I won from Missyblurkit's blog contest here. It was pretty easy but we need to be super fast to give the correct answer in order to win it…

Since I won the Tiger Chiller Box, I have to collect it at the Tiger Street Football which was held at 1Utama either on Saturday or Sunday and so I went on Sunday. It was raining though. Seven countries participated in the Tiger Street Football and when I reach the destination, one match was ongoing. (Oh, the question in the blog contest was how many country participated in this street football and the answer obviously was 7). It was pretty happening and suspend cause both teams are trying their very best to score goals for their team.

Time to cheers! :D

Too bad that I was not able to stay longer to witness the hype and also the actions in the Tiger Street Football because I have go collect my prize from Joel's blog contest in conjunction of the Mooncake Festival. We met up in 1Utama on the very same day itself, killing two birds with one stone.

The contest was quite easy but I had to squeeze some of my creative juice in order to win this and I found out that the blog owner's mum was not quite pleasant with my submission but the Joey was quite happy with it. The prize was pretty cool… I got myself a set of 2 Tupperware container, it's genuine I tell you and followed by two pieces of their very own mooncake. One is Glutinous Rice Yam flavor and the other one is White Lotus with 1 Yolk.

This was my submission that won the Tupperware…

It is really rare for me to use a container since I stay alone in a lonely room with strange housemates, so I am glad to pass it to my friend Yin Yin (since she wants it also)… hope she'll take good care of it! :D

The last one which I just got it the day after is the RIPPED FACTORS - 100% Whey Protein Isolate Plus, an intelligent sports nutrition by Horleys. I'm sure those body builder out there should know about this particular brand in the market. This one pretty tough because I had to compete with a few strong competitors. I won this from Tony Teh's blog contest here.

This was my submission:
Sebab2 saya membaca blog colourless opinions kerana saya kagum dgn semangatnya sebagai rakyat M'sia dgn hadir ke perhimpunan Bersih 2.0. Selain itu, saya amat berminat dgn penulisan filem yg ditonton olehnya dgn kritikan yg ikhlas. Citarasa muziknya yg amat menarik & tidak jauh ditenggelami dgn muzik masakini. Oleh itu, saya amat syorkan blog ini kepada semua!

I was planning to get some protein drink since I'm starting to do some impulsive work out daily, hopefully I can see good results with this.

Thanks for reading my entry, I'm not trying to show off here but this is just my way of saying a BIG thank you to the bloggers that made the contest for everyone. So do stay tuned at their blogs for more contest and giveaways… I'm gonna stop now and enjoy my prizes.

Till then…

.: Peace Out :.