Traditional Hakka Dish @ Big Big Bowl Cafe Kepong

Have you ever tried Hakka dishes before? If yes then I believe most of you might have heard about one of the Hakka dish which is called the Hakka Lui Cha (pounded tea) and I was given a great opportunity to be invited by Ivy to taste the Hakka dishes in Big Big Bowl Cafe. When I first heard about the name of this place, in my thought I was thinking that they must be serving food in a very huge bowl since the adjective of 'big' is being repeated twice in the cafe name but how big can the bowl be? I gladly invite you to continue reading the rest of my entry below.

Big Big Bowl Cafe's Operation Manager, Ms. Angie Lim is very kind to present and explain all the dishes to us and from I know, the recipe and also the preparation method was taught by her mother when she was still very young. I am sure most of the people who have tried Hakka dishes before when they were young wants to taste the flavors from the childhood days, this would be the right place to dine at.

Dry mixed veggie pan mien / rice (served with lui cha soup)
捞擂茶板面/ 备有擂茶汤)RM7.50

The Hakka Lui Cha is served either with pan mien or rice optionally. It contain variety of vegetables in one single serving and the significant thing about this dish is that all the vegetables are cut into same size so that when we chew the food in our mouth, it does not gives us the feeling of chewing an uneven of vegetables size. It brings a great sensation to me when I was having this since I'm not the kind of person that fancy eating vegetables but this is one is really a healthy and unique dish that we all must try.

All mixed together with a few spoons of lui cha soup!

Udon special with sambal / black pepper  特式乌冬面 RM8.50

A very unique dish I must say by combining udon with sambal and eggs.

Signature mix platter (based on special request) 招牌杂拼盘RM19.90

This signature mix platter is a combination of fried tofu with sweet & sour sauce, chicken chop with lemon, marmite pork and also fried dumplings. This reminds me of the Four Happiness dish that I usually have for functions in the Chinese restaurant.

Claypot Rice Wine Chicken
煲黄酒鸡 RM15.50 (regular) RM20.50 (big)

This claypot rice wine chicken is different from any other one that I have tasted. According to my own preference, the rice wine is not strong as I like it to be but the taste is very smooth and I believe that this is one good quality rice wine. The chicken is very smooth and it's not hard to eat it even with the chicken bones intact.

Claypot Siam Style Pork Belly
罗火爆花腩煲 RM13.50 (regular) RM16.50 (big)

This is one of the favorite dishes that we all agreed. The pork belly is really tender and it's so tempting that we kept scooping it onto our rice bowl again and again. It has dried chili, Basil leaves and onions in it so the spiciness of this dish is really appealing for someone who grew up in a family that loves spicy food just like me.

Claypot vinegar trotters
煲猪脚醋 RM15.50 (regular) RM20.50 (big)

I always have a bad impression eating claypot vinegar trotters especially when it comes to Bak Kut Teh places because it's too sourish for my liking but this one I must say that I enjoy eating it so much because the taste is mild and suits my taste bud.

Belacan fried lady finger 马来风光炒羊角豆 RM8

This lady fingers in this dish is very fresh and crunchy. The belacan was not too spicy and most of the people who can't take much of a spicy food would like this.

Their three types of pan mien, guess what's the flavor for the middle one? (Not food coloring)

Signature Curry Pan Mien
特式咖哩板面 RM10.50 (regular) RM13.50 (big big bowl)

The curry in this Signature Curry Pan Mien did not has a strong santan taste and the taste is unlikely to be found in any other places

Seven Veggie Pan Mien
七菜清汤板面 RM5.50 (regular) RM8.50 (big big bowl)

When I first saw the big big bowl of this Seven Veggie Pan Mien, I thought it's a serving for 2-3 pax but I was told that it was for 1 pax and there's people who actually ordered this and managed to finish it up because it taste so good that even though it's big, they can finish it up! The soup based is cooked with anchovies and the taste is really soothing with a very minimal taste of food seasoning.

I am comparing my iPhone with the big big bowl of seven veggie pan mien. It's really BIG!
I heard that some customers ordered this and they managed to finish it. Incredible!

Then we divide it into 8 small bowls. I think one big big bowl is good enough for 2 pax!

My small bowl of Seven Veggie Pan Mien.

Located just opposite Jusco Kepong which was not hard to look for...

Simple interior of the cafe.

A group picture of the bloggers with Angie.

Big Big Bowl Cafe - Traditional Hakka Recipe
No 31, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
52100, Kuala Lumpur (Opposite Jusco)
Tel: 012-2115564

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