I-Scream-Amazing Trail 2011

It was many weeks ago perhaps months when this treasure hunt organized by Ice Cream Event (I.C.E.) was happening and it took place in Subang area. The date was 6th August 2011 when I check back the date of my photos taken during this event. I am supposed to blog about this earlier but due to the work load and also advertorial post that I have to submit before the deadline. Anyway, let me briefly tell you all the highlights for the events and I've uploaded some pictures as well.

I-Scream-Amazing Trail 2011 organized by Ice Cream Event

Hunt Briefing & Flag Off Venue: Segi College, USJ 1

My team members consist of myself, Chutipond, Genee & Mervin. As you can see, we are all awesome people! :D

Every team will be given a bag with mineral water, ice lemon tea and biscuits so that we won't be hungry or hydrated during the treasure hunt.

Our team number '15' and bumper stickers for our vehicle.

Shannon Gomez, one of the founder of I.C.E gave us a short briefing about the treasure hunt and also some tips and guidelines. Herain, who's next to Shannon was also one of the organizer members and also the photographer of the day.

As you can see, the crowd was very well entertained by him...

The girls before proceeding to our own vehicle...

At the starting line, the I.C.E team took pictures of us...

The other team consist of Iris, Tony, Bryan and Yeeing were trying their very best to find the answers.

My team taking a break at McDonald, well actually the organizer did prepare us with some good hi-tea food later on but we all were too hungry so we decided to take a rest and find some answers for the word puzzles.

At one of the stations, we had to eat 2 pieces of biscuit with 'wasabi' spread in it!
I was having my good time eating them since I like wasabi very much and I used to put wasabi in almost every dishes that I had last time.

The girls were trying very hard to swallow the biscuit... it's really funny at that time and Mervin even had tears in his eyes.

....but we all managed to finish it!

Next round, drink a can of coke within 1 minute and then throw the can into a basket across the street. The drinking part wasn't that tough but sometimes when you drink too fast, the coke will come out from your nose. The throwing part was like 'quite impossible' with the wind blowing the empty cans away from the basket.

Finish Venue: L.E.X Cafe, Empire Gallery SS15

Final station, the Lex Slide at Empire Gallery. We asked Mervin to go for this task.

Can you spot where is him? It was quite hard because as you slide down, you need to count all the numbers of ice cream in a paper which were given at the starting point at the slide.

They claimed that this Lex Slide is the longest/highest indoor slide in the world. What do you think?

Some good hi-tea food for the participants! Yummy!

Bloggers and friends...

While waiting for the organizer to announce the winner, the girls found something interesting to play with and they tried some of the effects in the photobooth. One of the pictures were as seen below:


Time to announce the winner...

This team got 1st place and they won RM 1,200 cash and a hamper!
Seriously this team was really good because through out the hunt, we didn't even see them running around. We only met them at the briefing place and the finishing venue.

The other team won a hamper as consolation.

Our team also won a hamper! :)

The girls posing with their hamper...

What's the long face? Cause we tried so hard but at least we didn't win? No… It's because that I was about to leave the awesome friends that I met there! I had a lot of fun joining this motor treasure hunt. Thought it was my first time experience but I don't mind joining another similar treasure hunt in future.

Oh, by the way... I.C.E will give out some ice cream to every participants at the end of the day as an appreciation and also it's their trademark. So if you joined any of the treasure hunt organized by I.C.E, please get the ice cream from them but don't tell them that I told you so! XD

For any enquiry about services regarding event management, treasure hunt, team building, gala dinners, themed events/parties, corporate hospitality/away days and audio visual rental. You can  contact ICE CREAM EVENTS at 03-95434880 or log on to their website www.icecream-events.com

"When you're stressed, you eat chocolate, ice cream or cakes because STRESSED is spelled DESSERTS backwards"

.: Peace Out :.