Intimate Lunch at 7atenine, Ascott Kuala Lumpur

The month of October has been really good to me. What about you? Some of you might not know this year, October have 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays & 5 Saturdays. This happens only every 823 years. How wonderful it is? Anyway, once again, early this month I've been invited to a 7atenine Restaurant & Supperclub media lunch which is located at Ascott Kuala Lumpur, a few distance away from our KLCC skyscraper. It was my second time there after the Temptations event which I attended early this year.

7atenine has gained a steadfast reputation locally and internationally amongst the urban chic crowd, who have turned this lifestyle destination outlet into a must-experience venue. 7atenine has spent the last 5 years evolving with well thought out enhancements from interiors, solids & liquids menus to keep up with the times. Let us take a look what 7atenine has to offer so keep reading the following post below...

This iconic outlet has now been restyled as a Restaurant & Supperclub. The restaurant alludes to seven-spoons dining on the mezzanine, which is designed for those who enjoy taking their time to dine, whilst the supperclub on the ground floor advocates a more relaxed social dining experience. 

A new solids menu from Chef Kamarul Karnan now offers Japanese-influenced cosmopolitan cuisine which aims to please the fussiest of palates. Additionally, 7atenine now serves lunch on Mondays to Fridays and offers unlimited Sushi, Salad & Soup with the option of a main course. Let me briefly introduce you to the 3-course meal...

As for starter, Nicoise Salad with grilled peppered tuna, asparagus, 19minutes boiled egg, black olives, drizzled with citrus emulsion. I guess am not a vege lover and so I have a hard time to finish this salad but the tuna tasted really good and fresh. If they replaced the citrus emulsion with mayonnaise and thousand island, I might be enjoy eating it more.

The staff pouring out the beef consomme soup into the dish...

Next up in the starter list is the Floating Onion Soup. It has the touch of beef consomme with caramelized onion, bread emulsion and mirror ice cream. The combination of the ingredients in this soup was surprisingly good but being a typical Chinese person, I would prefer to have my soup HOT but the coldness of the ice cream has just lower it down to an unpleasant temperature.

The best part for a typical guy like me is always the main course which attract me the most. We had Trio... Beef, Chicken, Cod, a combination of slow baked grain fed tenderloin & foie gras (left side), chicken breast marinated with mustard (center) and the one at the right is the slow baked blue cod fillet.

The slow baked grain fed tenderloin taste a little dry for me but the foie gras which is on top of the tenderloin was pretty flavorish and I like it so much! The cod was soft and easily melt in my mouth but the I like the best was the chicken breast marinated with mustard.

Every main course must be conclude with a good dessert and so we had Manju-Manju. Green tea ice cream accompanied with azuki Red Bean. The green tea ice cream wasn't too sweet for my taste bud and the I like most is the azuki Red Bean, chocolate, red bean and nuts in it just like the Forero Rocher chocolate.

We also had the dessert cocktail, Russian Standard Vodka, a combination of vanilla, chocolate and vodka together in a shot glass. Truly refreshing!

After the lunch session, some of us are being interviewed to know about our opinions and feedback of the lunch menu that we had earlier on. In action, Christine Wong & Yeeing.

Some of the bloggers who attended the Intimate Lunch session.

Yeeing, Ryan & Christine.

New friend, Zings Tsang, a Chinese newspaper reporter!

A new friend, Chris Loke.

Miss funny ape face, Yeeing.

Another new friend, Christine Wong.

Pennie! The queen of road! XD

A group photo before parting to our own destination. Anyway, thanks to Leng Yein for inviting all of us to this wonderful Intimate Lunch at 7atenine.

7atenine is an iconic lifestyle destination for a quintessentially chic experience. this award winning restaurant & supperclub paves the way for a sexy new concept in the art of socializing and dining in Kuala Lumpur.

For more info, reservation, pricing & etc, please contact them at:

7atenine Ascott Kuala Lumpur
No. 9, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 21617 789 / +6012 210 3055 
Fax: +603 21627 789 / +603 21637 789
Cuisine: Japanese Influenced Cosmopolitan

[UPDATE: 7atenine has been closed and changed to Tujo.]

.: Peace Out :.