The La Sardina 35mm Camera has Arrived!


Today I'm so delighted after waiting for so many weeks, finally a parcel from DHL Express has arrived and guess what it is...?

 It's the all new brand-new La Sardina 35mm camera. It is an entirely fresh analogue wide-angle camera from Lomography that channels the design of the humble sardine can! The reason why I received this parcel is because I've been selected as the top 10 finalist of The Loblography Malaysia Challenge.

We are required to do a review about this camera and the grand winner will walk away with the LC-A+. So please, please and please support my future blog entry about this ya! Thanks!

La Sardina comes complete with:

An Awesome 22mm Wide-Angle Plastic Lens
MX Switch and Rewind Knob – Multiple exposures have never been so easy!
Totally Unique, Fresh and Fantastic Designs
2 Simple-to-use Focusing Settings
Bulb Setting for Long Exposures

 The sexy red sardine can! Don't you think the design is brilliant?

The whole package also come with 3 rolls of XPRO Chrome 35mm film/35exp so you just need to slot the film in and start shooting immediately!

I would like to end this short blog entry by saying, "anyone interested for lomo cam outing?"
Please leave your comment below if you're interested and I'll try to organize one! :)

.: Peace Out :.