The Newest Perodua Myvi Cars

I ended up myself in an car accident not too long ago. My baby SLK finally being taken away from me again and this time it's gonna be really long. It was my fault for causing the car accident but NOT totally all my fault since the traffic light wasn't doing it's work properly and blame the FREAKING huge wall below the flyover that causes an enormous blind spot and also blame the sedan car that actually went along the road steadily without stopping. I was so confident that there wasn't any car in sight until an orange Proton Iswara actually popped up right in my visual and I didn't managed to break in time....

Thank God that I didn't hurt myself neither do my friend, Fariz who was in the passenger seat next to me. He was kinda freaked out though and my lower back just got even worst after the accident. Anyway it's fine now so no big deal about it. I'm really thankful to one person which is my dearest who have been spending a few hours with me in the police station waiting for the police report and all...

Talking about car, do you prefer a car which is worth the money, affordable, fast, sporty or just an asset to show off to your family, friends or even your potential client how much that you have earned so far in your career or business? I really enjoy driving fast car but somehow I feel that it's kinda pathetic when you are driving the car which has twice the engine power but still get stuck next to a small little Kancil like mine! xD

By the way, Perodua recently has announced the new Perodua Myvi models and it has a pretty decent local tagline which says,"Lagi Power Lagi Best!" Have you heard about it? Somehow a five years old I met in a kindergarden kept repeating the tagline over and over again. I find it quite interesting since it's so easy for people to remember and yeah it's catchy compared to the one that Proton has,"Smart Guys Get It"... I didn't get it... LOL

Perodua has come up a few variant for the new Perodua Myvi and this time they did come up with some other cool colors besides the normal looking black, white, grey and red.... they had purple and sporty yellow which the Suzuki Swift has...

They also come up with a more powerful engine... a MPV like car with a 1.5cc engine. How cool is that? I'm sure this rocket pocket can smoke away some real good Japanese or Europe car on the KL highway.

The next thing after the launch is that they also come up with the Extreme 1.5 model which had a very fierce looking bodykit. It reminds me of the Renault Clio Sport that cost RM200k in the market.

Visual and overview of the Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5

Specification which is the most important area for a speedy Gonzalez like me! xD

Anyway, if you are looking to get a new or second hand car like the Perodua Myvi above, you can actually try checking out this website which is called the CarSifu. On the right hand side which you can see the screenshot above are some of the car brand listing. Click on the #8 Perodua Cars and it will direct you to a whole Perodua car list or you can type Perodua Myvi at the search bar which is located at the bottom part.

It's pretty convenient to survey for new cars or second hand cars in this website and you can surely save a lot of money from buying the car magazine like car trader or you can save a lot of time from going to the car dealer instead it's just a few clicks aways when you are browsing this website. So do check out
this site if you are interested to The Newest Perodua Myvi Cars.

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