Carlsberg Where's The Party?

Once again Carlsberg Where's The Party? is back!!!

It's the 12 hours party of all parties in a secret location organized by Carlsberg and it will be held on the 17th of December 2011 (Saturday). The previous party was held early this year at Sepang Gold Coast and I heard it was freaking awesome! I regretted that I didn't excuse my from work just to attend that!

So what is this party all about? I'll leave that to the party itself to tell you what it's all about.
For now, here's some photos of the previous Carlsberg Where's The Party? at Sepang Gold Coast...

Huahhh... hot babes!

Hot DJ! 

Hot party host! 

 Hot live performances!

...and even more hot babes! Walaoweih!

So for you guys who wanted to attend this party, now you can join the Carlsberg Where's The Party? contest in Facebook to win tickets.

Just click on the link >> here <<

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets while it's last! :)

See you at the party!

.: Peace Out :.