Christmas Eve @ Uncle Chili's

Just a few more days to Christmas, have you plan your Christmas eve dinner with your family, close friends or even just with your love ones? If you are still looking for a great place that has resident DJ and live band at the same time they serve some pretty good food to dine with, you might want to consider heading to Uncle Chili's at Hiton Petaling Jaya.

Amuse Bouche - Goose Liver Terrine with Port Wine Reduction.
By far it was my first time to have tasted the goose liver. The texture of this goose liver was very smooth, creamy and it has a 'goosy' taste in it. The sweet sauce blends well with the goose liver, it's a very unique dish I must say.

While we were waiting for the other courses to be served, they prepared us with some bread with butter in case we got too hungry waiting.

Next up we had the Appetizer... "To Begin..." - Ravioli filled with Alaska Crab in Lobster Bisque.
Ravioli is actually a traditional type of Italian filled pasta. They are composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough and are served either in broth or with pasta sauce but this one is served in Lobster Bisque. The outer layer of the Ravioli gives me the impression of 'sui qiao' or Chinese dumpling.

The Lobster Bisque is very creamy and tasty that I just had to finish it by dipping the bread on it.
It's not easy to get the Alaska Crab or also known as the King Crab in the market and it normally being sell at a very high price.

 Soup "A Few Spoonfuls..." - Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Soup with Melted Camembert.

At first when I read out the name of this dish from the menu, I thought they might really going to serve us just a few spoonfuls of soup but it turns out to be the right portion for us but still it has the capability to makes us crave for more!

The content of the Porcini Mushroom in this soup was really rich and the Melted Camembert blends in with the Truffle soup nicely. This soup was my personal favorite.

As for our Main Course "Harmony..." - Turkey Roulade with Brussels Sprout. Baby Carrots and Rosemary Potatoes. What's a Christmas Eve dinner without turkey meat as the main course. The slices of Turkey Roulade was quite generous and it's wise to ask the staff to pour more sauce on top as I prefer my turkey to be less dry. The sauce is cooked with Thyme herd and sprinkled with black pepper.

 Dessert "Lasting Impression..." Chocolate Bomb with Wild Berries.
The presentation of this dessert attracts everyone's attention and we realized that we waited too long for this because it takes some time to make the presentation. What about the taste? If you like chocolate, then you will like this a lot. The Chocolate Bomb is soft, the inside is creamy and rich with chocolate taste.

There's a surprise hidden inside this Chocolate Bomb for you to find out!

A cup of hot coffee to end the course.
If you are not a fan of coffee, you can choose to have tea instead.

My glass of complimentary Grande Reserve 'Gosset' champagne.

Red Sparkling Mocktail - Strawberry juice, soda water, grenadin syrup and sago balls.

Green Sparkling Moctail - Lime juice, Sprite, mint leave, lemon wedges, soda water, grenadin syrup and sago balls.

The staff also recommended some of their best seller mocktail in Uncle Chili's...

The Walking Stick - Apple juice, lime juice, cranberry juice and strawberry puree.

Aunty Special - Consist of ground ginger, ginger ale, whipping cream, grenadine syrup and strawberry puree.

The bar and dine concept of Uncle Chili's makes it a very good place for customers to enjoy their food or cocktail and listen to the music by their resident DJ and live band.

This 4-course Christmas Eve set dinner is priced at RM120++ per person inclusive a glass of complimentary champagne. Overall, I think the food served was pretty good. The presentation of every dishes was very well done. If you can't take alcohol, they are kind enough to switch it with mocktail. Some might say that the price might be a little too pricy but for me to have dine in a hotel with good food and nice environment. Why not?

Uncle Chili's
Hilton Petaling Jaya
No.2 Jalan Barat, 46200
Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan,

Thanks to Ruth for inviting me to tag along to this food tasting.

*All the photos taken with Nikon D7000 - Inspired performance in a size that keeps you shooting!

.: Peace Out :.