CUP-BON Rolling Ice

Nowadays, I often being invited to Taiwanese dessert and bubble milk tea outlet to do a review for them. Since this franchising business is trending now and so many such outlets are blooming in the market day by day, the drinks, desserts and snacks prices offered are slightly too costly for me to go back to those outlets every single week. So when I was invited to do a review in Cup-Bon, I told myself that it's just another overpriced bubble milk tea outlet which I can easily find nearby my place and this newly opened outlet is located so far away but somehow I was wrong. This latest concept Cup-Bon branch is opened at Low Yat Plaza and they offer a HEALTHY & QUALITY style of Asian's world new tea drinks culture to the customers in Malaysia.

Mango Snow Ice with Jelly (RM3.50).
Thanks to and also the personal invitation from Ryan, finally there's a bubble milk tea outlet which I can look forward to. During the review, the co-founder of Cup-Bon, Mr Vincent Chin explained to us, "This Halal certified Cup-Bon franchise has been running for 10 strong years and that it initially started off with 16 flavours, Cup-Bon now offers 28 different flavours." 

He added,"Cup-Bon has shifted it's early kiosk concept to a dessert shop concept and have added snacks such as Takoyaki, Waffles, and Crepes and many more to come".

Waffles with Chocolate filling (RM3.50) 

Waffles with Peanut Butter filling (RM3.50) 

Oreo Mocha (RM7.50) 
Mr. Vincent claim this to have the same standard as the ice blended that we can find in Starbucks but I am pretty sure that he might have exaggerated too much about this. The taste was just so so...

Earl Black Tea with Green Tea Jelly (RM2.00)
Taste good and cheap, Tony and Iris preferred this the most.

This one is my personal favorite, Pure Green Tea with Green Tea Jelly (RM2.00) 
 The comparison of a medium sized cup with a large sized cup.

More pictures of the drinks below....

Nick Chung Sheng Chong, a Sarikei born singer, is the Ambassador Of Cup-Bon.

The official grand opening for this outlet is on the 26th of December, 2011.
Everyone is welcome to drop by to this outlet and there's a lot of activities and freebies to be given away to the customers. I was told that Nick Chung will be there and if you want to get his new album, make sure you book your date for the grand opening. ☺

Food and drinks concept outlet a good place for customers to hang out especially during a hot and sunny day, a cup of icy cold beverages is what you need. Overall, it's a place which offered a wide range of affordable beverages to the customer and it's halal. That is the bigest selling point to gain more Malay customers to purchase beverages and food from Cup-Bon.

So have you got a cup from Cup-Bon today? ☺

Cup-Bon Rolling Ice 
Low Yat Plaza, LG floor
Kuala Lumpur
Website :
Email :
Business Hours : 10am-10pm Daily 

*All the photos are taken with Canon Powershot G9

.: Peace Out :.