J Tean Kitchen at SS2 Mall

A few days ago, my elder sister came to PJ all the way from Singapore as she had plan to go for a trip in Penang with my younger sister. It was a surprise to me as I wasn't being informed before hand about her trip but nevertheless we won't miss the chance to meet up, spend time and have a good meal together. I suggested that we should go for lunch at SS2 Mall since it's easier to find parking especially during lunch hour. Most probably I wanted to experience myself the taste of the Bak Kut Teh Burger which I heard to be pretty good offered by J Tean Kitchen located in that particular shopping mall.

J-Pork Burger (RM7.90) which sounded like J-Pop Burger instead. The thickness of the patty feels ok compared to some other pork burger which I had, this one slightly more generous. The sauce which I believe had the herbal ingredients from Bak Kut Teh blended in very well with the pork patty. Looking at the price, it's really affordable since it comes with a few slices of potato wedges.

Seriously, it was my second time visiting this mall and I did not know many eatery places there but J Tean Kitchen is one of the most recommended restaurant in SS2 Mall.

The second dish we had is J-Porky Bun (RM16.90). Similar to the J-Pork Burger, the bun which they use was actually Chinese steamed bun and the patty was twice the size. I really enjoy eating the Chinese steamed bun, it reminds me of the days where I actually can only get to eat the deep friend buns during special occasions in those Chinese restaurants.

The J-Porky Pie (RM19.90). The outer layer that looks like a extra large pastry tasted just like the roti tissue without sugar added and it's crispy.
The filling inside mainly pork meat with sweet soya sauce with spices. In my opinion, I would not order this as my main course but it's good to order as side dishes and share it with your fellow makan partner.

Curry Ribs Pasta (RM19.90). The girls like this one the most and they just spoon out the big piece of pork rib and slowly enjoy it until the last bite. We dipped the left over buns from the burger into the curry and it tasted so good...

J Green Tea + Honey Longan (RM2.80). We ordered two of this. The taste was really refreshing, not too sweet and it soothes our throat during the hot weather. This is just what I wanted to have together with the pork burgers.

We chose to sit outside the restaurant since it's more airy.

The Chinese style bench with a red layer cushion, can fit up to three average size person.

Chritsmas is near, SS2 Mall didn't want to miss out from decorating the mall with a Christmas tree but seems like they don't really have a lot of budget to decorate.

[From left to right] Younger sister, elder sister and our cousin sister :)

The four of us! By the way it's my elder sister's birthday today so I wish her a wonderful and blessed birthday. We all hope that she'll get a good husband and then give birth to a lot of children so that we can play with the young ones!

Total damage was RM75.30 inclusive of government tax and service charge.

Overall, we all love the food, the taste is good and the price wasn't too expensive since it was our first time to try their delicious Bak Kut Teh burger. I won't go back for the J-Porky Pie though. Besides that, I also like their simple and clean Chinese style interior. A nice hang out place to have good food and tea in SS2 Mall. Above is their current new dishes menu offered by J Tean Kitchen.

J Tean Kitchen
Unit G-58, Ground Floor, SS2 Mall,
No.40 Jln SS2/72, 47300
Petaling Jaya
Tel/Fax: 03-79540819

*pictures taken with ZTE Blade mobile camera - seriously it sucks weih! :(

.: Peace Out :.