Bambi Cantrell Press Conference @ The Saujana Hotel

Last week, I was very fortunate to join along with the rest of the bloggers to Bambi Cantrell Press Conference. I have always admired her works especially in all the portraits and wedding shots that she took through out her career and not to forget, her award winning shots.

The press conference took place at The Saujana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the 22 March 2012,. Canon partnering with Epic Voyage, a lifestyle event organizer, has brought Bambi Cantrell to Malaysia. Bambi conducted a 2-day Intensive Photography Workshop Focus on Fabulous Weddings and Portraits from 23-24 March, 2012. On the 25 March, it's the high educational Masterclass Programs which was also conducted by Bambi focusing on 5 Ways of Taking Wedding Photography to the next level.

This is a golden opportunity to learn from one of the best wedding photographers in the world. Canon & Epic Voyage bring to you live - wedding photography workshop with Bambi Cantrell, one of the most decorated & celebrated professional photographers.

Here are a list of her achievements:
Recipient of the prestigious "Golden Eye" award in 2008 from 
the Russian Federation of Professional Photographers.
One of the "10 Best Wedding Photographers in the World" by American Photo Magazine in 2007.
First woman inducted into Microsoft's elite "Icon of Imaging" program in 2006.
Honored by Wedding and Portrait Photographers International in 2001 with a "Lifetime Achievement" award.

Tianchad's question to Bambi was,"What is the best and the worst client that she ever worked with?".

Grace Tan, founder of was also at the press conference. If I'm not wrong, her question was about,"How to shoot couple/client that she had never meet before?".

There were a few other question such as,"How to stand out from the other photographers?","Where did she get all her inspiration?","How did she managed to keep up as a female photographer as a mother?" and many other questions.

Bambi Cantrell with the sponsors and people from Canon and Epic Voyage.

Below are some of her beautiful shots displayed on the press conference day.

A picture with Grace Tan from The very first time I met her was during the Livewire Charge Up conference back in the year 2010 at DUMC.

 A picture with the friendly Johan Sopiee also from

A picture with the inspiring photographer, Bambi Cantrell who came all the way to Malaysia just to conduct a 2 days workshop and 1 day masterclass.

Bambi Cantrell has been photographing in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 25 years. Her passion for capturing the decisive moment and her subsequent creative style have made her a household name in the photographic industry. Ms Cantrell was recently asked what was the secret to her great success? Her answer was simple. “I just love people, and believe truly great photographs are a reflection of who the client is, not who I want them to be.” Ms Cantrell’s photographic services are available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I recalled she has mentioned that, humble beginning is a very important in her life, and also
"If we are distracted, it will stop us from moving forward".
I will hold on to those words until the very end of my life.

Thanks to Tianchad for the opportunity to join him and had a chance to meet Bambi Cantrell.

.: Peace Out :.


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