Looking for a Room in Manila, Philippines?

Hey there! Many of you had known that the Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and it is one of the sixteen cities forming Metro Manila. The nearest state in Malaysia from this beautiful Manila is the land below the wind, Sabah. So most people will travel to Manila from Kota Kinabalu via flight.

As for your information, Manila is a city located on the eastern shores of Manila Bay and is bordered by Navotas and Caloocan to the north, Quezon City to the northeast, San Juan and Mandaluyong to the east, Makati on the southeast, and Pasay to the south.

Manila has a total population of more than 1,660,714 according to the 2007 census. Manila is the second most populous city in the Philippines, behind its neighbor, Quezon City. The populace inhabit an area of only 38.55 square kilometers, making Manila the most densely populated city in the world. Metro Manila is the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines and the 11th in the world with an estimated population of 16,300,000. The greater urban area is the fifth-most populous in the world and has an estimated metropolitan population of more than 20 million people!!!

If you are planning to reside in Manila, I am actually recommending to this site about rooms or homestay place for rent in Manila and I found it very friendly user and it has the sidebar which make it so easy to find a room by location. I have a friend who tried searching for a new place to move in and the sad thing was, he can actually get a room at the same condo which is lower than what he is paying now! Gosh! I felt like he was cheated by the house owner! Too bad for him because he was already too late, what he can only do now is to stay on till he finds a better place in order not to waste the room deposit money. So I really hope to all my fellow readers out there, don't end up like my friend, try this site and you will get the best out of it!

You can register at the website to login if you are looking for a room urgently by just posting your ads. So far from what I have seen in the website, there's a lot of new entries everyday from different location in Manila alone or any other areas and it's really simple! I'm sure that you would easily find a room which is suitable for you and close enough to your school, workplace or even your girlfriend's house! :)

After clicking on a potential room, the description, monthly rental, preference and contact info will appear in the website. Easy right? So if you are going for vacation or on a short work trip, I hope that iBilik Manila can assist you in finding you a good and affordable accommodation.

Till then... Paalam na po! (Good bye for now in Tagalog)

.: Peace Out :.