Giveaway: Win a Flower Cake for Your Mum

Mother's Day is near! It's the time of the year where every children in this world to appreciate and treat their mother mothers extra special. I know that some of you might think that we need to treat our parents special everyday but hey, it's just like the Valentine's Day. Imagine if you didn't get flowers for your girlfriend or wife on that particular day, what would they be thinking? Remember, they are women and they love being appreciated on a special day!

Just in case that you have forgotten when is Mother's Day, it's on the 13th of May 2012 which is the second Sunday of the month. The Online Florist – Bloom The Floral Shop is very kind to sponsor a Flower Cake worth RM 120 to one of my readers here by writing the most heartful and touching wishes/greeting to your mother, mother in law, god mom, wife who is the mother of their child, any mothers or who ever in your mind. How to win? It's very simple but first do read the rest of my post ya!

A few days ago when I visited one of their branch in Ikano Power Center and I found out that not only they provide flowers for any occasion just like a normal florist shop but they also have a lot of other things to offer for the customers.

What attracts me the most are their customized drawings printed on the wooden board. It comes in different patterns, colors and shapes which are very good for interior decorations.

Other than that they also have this picture frames that made out of recycled wood and each one has different drawings painted in it. I felt that it's very environmental in a way but having to use old wood as a picture frame creates a nice nostalgic value into it.

For different occasions, they have different gifts that suits your needs. One of it is for the upcoming Mother's Day occasion whereby they have a wide range of gifts and decorative items that is not commonly be found in any other gift shops.

Modern + antique phone anyone?

This perhaps?

Not to forget for those who wanted to get flowers or gift for graduations, they have everything you might need.

Having a florist + gift shop + home deco concept store indeed is a very good selling point for myself to look forward to be coming back to this store. Sometimes it's just very inconvenient for me to visit a gift shop and then head to the florist but all this problem has been solved at this point - just head over to Bloom & no more headache for me! :D

Let's come back to the Flower Cake which I have mentioned earlier in this blog post, below are some of the samples created by Bloom.

Nice right? So I'm going to give away the flower cake below to a lucky winner!

Worth RM120 leh! I'm sure your mother will be so happy that she will be kissing your cheek while doing a somersault!!!

Before joining, here's some of the Terms & Conditions that you need to know:
Contestant must be from Klang Valley as Bloom is only able to deliver. Put it this way, you need not to stay in Klang Valley but your mother must staying in Klang Valley in order to receive the flower delivery. The contest ends on 9th May and the result will be announce on the same day (don't worry, Mother's Day is on the 13th of May, so chillax). The winner has to respond to me immediately (in the same day) to send me the delivery address, sender's name & phone no. and receiver's name & phone number.

How to win? Just by writing the most heartful and touching message/wishes/greeting to your mother, mother in law, god mom, wife who is the mother of their child, any mothers or who ever in your mind at the Facebook link HERE that has the image of the flower cake above.

Thanks to Online Florist – Bloom The Floral Shop for this wonderful giveaway!

C13, The Intermark - Tel: +60321611616
LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery - Tel: +60356321228
LG25, IPC Shopping Centre - Tel: +60377224429

For more information, do check out their online websites at

So what are you waiting for? Contest ends 9th of May 2012.

.: Peace Out :.