McDonald’s Chicken Muffin Promotion!

Last week before sending 'le gf' to work as I needed to send her car for a window tinting appointment at Genting Kelang, we managed to grab our breakfast at McDonald in SS2 Petaling Jaya.

le gf posing with le wild McDonald's Chicken Muffin

McDonald Malaysia has been very good with their promotion and limited offer lately and goes viral in an excellent online method. On that day, it was the McDonald’s Chicken Muffin promotion for only RM2.50! Yes! It's not a typo... for only RM2.50 (Ringgit Malaysia Dua Ringgit dan Lima Puluh Sen Sahaja)

Tip: Get 1 coffee only instead of 2 since they provide refills, sharing is caring!
Anyway, it's the last 2 days to grab McDonald’s Chicken Muffin for breakfast at special price of RM2.50! 

Nah... this is how the actual McDonald's Chicken Muffin looks like. Taste like the McChicken Burger but with cheese!
So hurry and head down to McDonald’s and get yours now before offer ends tomorrow, 22 April

Available from 4am – 11am. 
Other terms apply. 

.: Peace Out :.