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It was one of the weekend when I was being invited for a food review at QQ Snowmix taiwanese dessert shop which is located at somewhere nearby Giant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. From what I've been told, the ingredients that they are using had passed the strict Food Rules and Regulations known as SGS (The international food inspection company) and consumers can enjoy their desserts without getting worried about any risk that will affect their health.

Baby Choulyin possing with a her favorite bowl of Taro Ice.
It have been an ongoing trend since early last year when many Taiwanese dessert shops have started to conquer the dessert industry around Klang Valley and until today, there's so many Taiwanese dessert shops that are potentially offering customers a variety of healthy dessert and a good hang out place at the same time.

As we enter the dessert shop, the white furnitures and the simple interior makes the whole environment to look very clean and comfortable at the same time.

"Our customers enjoyment and taste buds will never be compromised." is their tagline to ensure that every customer from young to old will enjoy their desserts till the last bit.

Their self service counter. I like the chandelier lights, it makes the place looks good.

Fortune cat on the left! Besides desserts and tea, they also serve finger food and snacks but not everything in the menu is available at that time.

Fortune cat on the right!

Eunice and Fish seems like to be talking about something interesting...

So here's the very first and second desserts that they served us. The Big Taipei (RM24.90) on the left and the normal bowl of Best Seller Grass Jelly Ice Series (RM 6.90) is on the right side. The Big Taipei is really one big ass bowl of taiwanese dessert and the portion is really good for 4 pax or more. If you come in a group or with your family, this is very suitable to be in the order list.

The Big Taipei consist of three types of snow ice : Grass jelly ice + Taro ice + Soya ice and twelve toppings such as the black pearl, soft peanuts, sweet potato, grass jelly, red & green beans and more...

Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup with QQ Taro, Pearls and Peanuts (RM 6.90)
Those who are not in the mood to have cold desserts can always go for the Taiwan Grass Jelly Soup or the Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ Taro. It's pretty filling and tasty as similar as the cold ones.

Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ Taro (RM 6.50)

I've always been a fan of black sesame and the combination of the black sesame soup with the Japanese  macha soup was brilliant! The rich texture from every scoop of the spoon was very worthwhile to have if you did not have a proper meal to begin with.

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice (RM 5.50)
Next up is the Lemon Jade Jelly Ice where the taste won't go wrong, it's sweet and sour at the same time. The jelly was chewy and it goes very well with the sourly ice taste! :)

Taro Ice Series ( RM 6.50 )
As mentioned, this was baby Choulyin's favorite. The mashed up between the Taro Ice and the Soya Ice were good. It soothers our throat with the smoothness of the ice especially the Taro Ice. I have given my thumbs up to this bowl of taiwanese dessert. Surely, this is a must try in QQ SnowMix.

Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls ( RM 6.90 )
Some of you might be familiar with the Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls if you are a frequent customer in Snowflakes. What I can say that, if I am craving for a good bowl of this, I would be driving my way to Snowflakes instead.

Douhua series ( RM 5.90 )

Believe me or not, this is the least favorite of all. The taste is just weird despite the idea of combining hot and ice dessert together in a bowl.

Taiwan Grass Jelly Snow series (RM 6.90)
Some might prefer to have crushed ice, then this Taiwan Grass Jelly Snow series is for you. The texture of the grass jelly ice is the rough type and not the typical fine blended snow ice and it comes with the QQ Taro, pearls, kidney beans and glutinous rice. Just too bad that the syrup taste a bit bitter for my liking but it's always a good one to have when you are feeling rather warm and heaty.

My Mango Ice Blended

Besides the taiwanese desserts, they also serve a variety of drinks such as the fruit ice blended, jasmine tea, bubble milk tea and etc. Enough about the desserts and drinks, below are some of the snacks that can be found in QQ SnowMix.

Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick ( RM 2.50 )
Tempura ( RM 5.90 )
Taiwan Egg and Hotdog Roll ( RM 4.50 )
I always find that it's something special or unique that I can see from a Taiwanese dessert shop that serve snacks as well instead of just pure dessert or tea but if one do forgot about keeping up the quality and the taste of the snacks along with the desserts, then it's better to just have it out entirely from the menu.

Collect 10 stamps to redeem!
LAst but not least, QQ SnowMix Puchong also provide a stamping card to all the customers and you will receive a FREE dessert once you have collected 10 stamps but too bad it's not applicable for other outlet.

QQ SnowMix
48, Jalan Puteri 1/4
Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong ,Selangor.
Tel: 03-8052 3133

Opening Hours: 
Mon - Thu:12:30-23:00
Fri - Sat:12:30-00:00
Free WiFi Available

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