We Not Naughty (孩子不坏) Gala Premiere Night

On the 29th March 2012, I was invited to catch "We Not Naughty' Gala Premiere at the Golden Screen Cinema in Tropicana City Mall. We reached there around 8pm and collected our tickets before proceeding to have our dinner at Uncle John Kopitiam right beside of the Maxis center.

Our "We Not Naughty" movie tickets, it was at the most back from the screen and it was couple seat.
Good for us! :D

Baby's Tom Yam Bee Hoon @ RM4.50. The bee hoon taste ordinary but the sambal taste wasn't that nice and mostly this is not recommended at all.

My Hakka Mee @ RM5.50. This was okay but everything taste good at that time since I was pretty hungry.

The crowd at the Golden Screen Cinema waiting for the cast to be out.

The emcee for the night, a radio DJ from One FM. (I forgot his name)
He speaks in fluent Mandarin 100% of the time and I might understand not more than 50% of what he was talking, the bad sound system was also one of the reason why I can't understand him well.

Chloe Chen Tien Nee, winner of the Miss Malaysia World 2011. A 21-year-old University of Nottingham business graduate from Kuala Lumpur. Nothing to do with the movie but I guess she's the guest of honor for the gala premiere.

And finally, the moment has come and the first to appear non other than the director of the movie itself, Jack Neo. He directed and also acted in the movie "I Not Stupid" & "I Not Stupid 2" previously which had already proven that Singapore movies can penetrate into Malaysia's movie industry.

The cast introduce themselves to the crowd and briefly told us what's their role in the movie. There was also a short guessing game whereby those who successfully guessed the answers for the questions made by the cast will win a "We Not Naughty" notebook with all their signatures written.

A thumbs up after signing the backdrop.

Shawn Lee, the guy who made most of the girls go crazy at the gala premiere.

Lucky baby can have a picture taken with Shawn Lee.

We did not that there was food and drinks during the gala premiere so we went for a quick dinner earlier but still eating these food anyway. Hahaha.... The pandan cake was good!

Michelle who had left her car key locked from the inside and had to spent RM50 to get it unlock. At least the food can compensate her losses at that moment. Just look at her smile!

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Cherry Hsia, Daniel Chan, Joshua Ang, Xiang Yun

Plot: "We Not Naughty" is a poignant movie which examines the problems faced by parents with their rebellious children in Singapore's current society.

I watched these two guys when they were still in primary school age and now they have grown up and attending college.

Print all the money!!!

The colour coded paint scene.

Conclusion: I would rate this movie 3/5. The storyline was good with a few emotional drama in some of the plots that made my baby cried in the cinema. Some scenes were unrealistic especially the part when the two teenagers were in the jungle and managed to create a helicopter made out of water bottle and equipped with HD camera. There were also a few minutes of products advertisement footage which I found it to be irrelevant at all. Most likely to be a very funny movie if you understand Singapore's culture and Hokkien well.

Baby and I had Chatime after the movie thanks to Chatime (one of the sponsor for the gala premiere).

.: Peace Out :.